Bishop Okoro Donates Plots of Land to MOD Abakaliki Diocese

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… Lays Foundation Stone of the Secretariat


The Catholic Bishop of Abakaliki Diocese, Most Rev. Dr. Michael Nnachi Okoro who doubles as the Grand Patron of Man of Order and Discipline (MOD) has laid the Foundation Stone for the building of the Secretariat of MOD in four and half plots of land he donated to the movement at Immaculate Conception Parish, Nkwegu. His Lordship also promised that the Diocese will take over the building and that work will soon commence at the site of the secretariat.

The foundation laying ceremony took place on Saturday 25th January, 2020 being the 22nd Memorial Anniversary of Father, Founder of MOD, Very Rev. Msgr  Okechukwu Patrick  Achebe of  A Blessed  Memory.

This year being 2020, Catholic Diocese of Abakaliki was not left out in the Annual National Celebration.

On the 25th of the January 2020, all the officers of MOD gathered in their numbers to observe the awesome annual event.

The 2020 Father Founder’s Celebration featured fund raising, and March Pass by the Commands from different Parishes of Abakaliki Catholic Diocese. St. Theresa’s Cathedral Parish, Abakaliki came first in the March Pass and clinched the Golden Trophy. Immaculate Conception Parish, Nkwegu came second whereas St. Gabriel’s Parish, Onuebonyi secured the third position.

The foundation laying occasion was also used to appeal to individuals and organizations to support the Church to enable her complete the project in time.

Speaking at the occasion, the Chief Patron of MOD Abakaliki Diocese, Lt. Col. John N. O. Ibe thanked Bishop Okoro for intervening on the plight of members whom he described as helpless.

Going down Memory Lane, Sir Ibe, a noble, Knight of St. John’s International (KSJI) noted that the history of MOD Nigeria dates back to January 1983.

According to him, “The movement made her first outing at the Shanahan Hall during the Onitsha Young Ecclesiastical Christian Association (ONYCAS) Convention held in July, 1984, when it received the blessing of the Metropolitan of Onitsha Ecclesiastical Province, and was formally launched on February 3, 1985.”

This outing marked the beginning of the most organized and populous Lay Apostolate Movement in Nigeria. A movement founded by a Catholic Priest from Abatete in Idemili LGA of Anambra State. A disciplinarian to the core, a linguist, creative writer and founder of the Gallus Caritas Centre. Former Chancellor and special adviser to Late Archbishop Ezeanya of Onitsha.

Man of Order & Discipline movement of Nigeria (MOD) was founded in Jan.1983 in Nigeria nationwide by Late Msgr. Dr. Okechukwu Patrick Achebe (DD).  The father-founder was born at Abatete in Idemili LGA of Anambra State in 1943 & MOD was registered by the Ministry of Information, Youths & Sports in 1985. Msgr. Dr. O.P Achebe was made Papal Chamberlain by Pope John Paul II in September 1984 & honoured with the Title of “Very Rev. Monsignor. He died in a motor accident on 25th Jan. 1998.

Membership is open to all Catholic faithful including CYON, CWO, CMO who are ready to obey all instructions.

The Major Aims  and Objectives of this noble and great movement are to foster discipline and orderliness in the lives of our youths in particular and the people of God in general. To encourage, discover the talent of the people of God, and to train the youths on good virtues of life that promote their Spiritual Growth, to protect the Blessed Sacrament – the Eucharist which is the Center of Our Worship.

In an interview with the chairman, Abakaliki Diocese MOD, Captain Emmanuel Agu, he expresses hs joy for being MOD member and calls for total reflection.

He said, “I feel highly privileged to be a member of the MOD Movement, Nigeria. It calls for total reflection especially as we celebrate the life and times of a great visionary and philosopher, a writer per excellence, a disciplinarian to the core, a great pastor and teacher, the founder of the most populous voluntary uniformed organization in the Catholic Church, our most cherished Father Founder, Late Very Rev. Msgr. Okey Patrick Achebe.

Today, we are privileged to be united in this big family called MOD. We are all labourers in this big farm acquired by Very Rev. Msgr. O. P. Achebe in 1983 (37 yrs ago)

MOD Movement has proven to be the most organized paramilitary group in the country. The Father Founder’s Celebration is a yearly S.M.C program scheduled to be celebrated under the Archdiocesan and Diocesan levels.

Man of Order & Discipline (MOD) Movement, Nigeria; is an Unarmed Uniformed Volunteer Paramilitary and Security Organization of the Catholic Church in Nigeria. The Organization is fully recognized by Government Security Forces and other Security agencies as the Security Arm of the Catholic Church.

Its primary responsibility, among others, is to ensure Safety, Security, Orderliness and Discipline among its members and worshipers before, during and after all activities in and around the Parish/worship centers.

It facilitates and manages security activities during Church’s outdoor functions, celebrations and processions to ensure orderliness, traffic control and decongestion where applicable.

MOD also complements the services of the Nigerian Security agencies in crowd control, neighbourhood watch, security patrols, crime prevention & control and maintenance of peace.

Suspected nabbed criminals are often handed over to Nigerian Police Force for prosecution in line with Nigerian laws and statutes.

At the minimum, Members of MOD must be baptized and practicing Catholics all over Nigeria. Members are encouraged to be communicants also. They must also be persons of good character and good integrity.

MOD personnel must also undergo serious trainings, drills, exercises and camping similar to that of the military. These trainings will make them fit, agile and ‘Good-to-go’ anytime their services are required.

Learning and grasping of security management intrigues and strategic deployment is a key success factor to MOD formations all around the country.

Trainings, drills and camping are managed by Senior and experienced Ranking Members. Sometimes the, officers from the Nigerian Military, Police and other government security agencies are invited to facilitate these trainings and drills.

MOD Command Structure is similar to that of the Nigerian military with powers of making Policies, Strategies, Command and Leadership vested on the Supreme MOD Council (SMC) at the National Level headed by the Chaplain General.

The SMC coordinates it activities through the various Directorates at the National level. Same Directorates are expected to be replicated at the DMC Level

Other Subordinate MOD Administrative and Command Councils are Provincial MOD Council (PMC), Diocesan MOD Council (DMC) and Zonal MOD Council (ZMC)

At the Parish Level, it is fragmented into Divisions with every Parish having a distinctive Parish Divisional Code Number.

There also exists, the MOD Patrons/Patroness Council as the Advisory and Supervisory Arm of the Regulars’ Council.

This Council at the National and Diocesan Levels are expected to have strong oversight functions on the Regulars’ Council.

The Patrons/Patroness Council and the Regulars Council are expected to have a strong collaboration, synergy and liaison in achieving the ideals and aims of the MOD.

At various levels of MOD Leadership, Executive Officers are either appointed or elected to carry out administrative duties of the formation on the directive from the Church in liaison with the SMC.

depending on the directive from the Church in liaison with the SMC.

All members are expected to be humble, loyal and of good behaviour. Respect and maximum loyalty to the MOD Command Structure at every level is a mandatory expectation from all ranks and file of the Movement.

Rankings in MOD are similar to that of the Nigerian Army. However, these Ranks do not, in any way, equates MOD personnel with the Nigerian Army personnel.

The MOD ranks in full:

Non-Commissioned Ranks are, Lance Corporal. (LCPL), Corporal. (CPL), Sergeant. (SGT), Staff Sergeant. (SSGT), Warrant Officer Two (WO2), Warrant Officer One (WO1).

The Commissioned Ranks are, Second Lieutenant (2LT), Lieutenant (LT), Captain (CPT), Major (MAJ), Lieutenant colonel (LTC), Colonel (COL), Brigadier General (BG), Major General (MG),  Lieutenant General (LTG), General (GEN).

Then Grand Patron is a rank designed for only Bishop of Diocese where MOD exists. The levels of MOD are, National. (NMC/SMC), Provincial. (PMC), Diocesan. (DMC), Zonal/Deanery. (ZMC), Parish. (PMC), Station. (OSMC).

Importantly also, MOD members are expected to be good Christians of exemplary character and carry out their activities diligently, prayerfully and with the pursuit of making heaven after our life on earth.

Being a Movement borne of the Church, MOD members must display total submission to the Authority of the Catholic Church through the Bishops and Priests or their appointees.

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