Equip the Abandoned General Hospital – Nkalagu Community to Govt

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By Edeh Nwigwe


The people Ishielu LGA and Nkalagu community in particular have passionately appealed to the Ebonyi State government to come to their rescue by equipping the Ishielu General Hospital build at Nkalagu.

They hinted the report or that the hospital was among the hospitals granted one in each of the 13 local government areas of the State and that Ishielu own was sited along the old road, Nkalagu community.

In an interview a stakeholder in Ezzillo Community, Mr. Ebenyi Johnson told the Citizens’ Advocate that the general hospital was a good omen to Ishielu people between 2003 to 2004. He was full of joy that the hospital had since been completed but awaiting medical equipments to commence work, adding that it would go a long way in curbing certain ailments in rural areas of the LGA.

Mr. Odo noted that it was built in the era of Hon. Ikechukwu Ogbu as the chairman of Ishielu LGA. He further said that no other hospital has been built in any part of Ishielu LGA apart from the MDGS health facilities and private clinics he noted are common and are costly to rural dwellers. He further appealed to the government to come to their aid by equipping and commissioning it for use.

Also, women leader, PDP, Mrs. Chinyere Omaba said that the abandonment of the completed empty building has done to them more harm than good, especially the women and children as they travel all the way to mile 4 hospital and FETHA I and II for their medical care, a medical care that would have been within their reach.

The gate of the dilapidated hospital

She also appealed to the state government to make the hospital functional to ensure health for all in the area.

Many others contributed in appealing for revival of the health facility for the betterment of the people, Ishielu and the general public adding that it would serve as dividend of democracy to the people.

The dilapidated building

When the reporter was taken to the hospital at the old road, near the CKP Nkalagu, the buildings there were overgrown with weeds.

The reporter took time to view the facility from the hospital gate to main hospital and the wards therein and that wide fire has cleared some parts of the hospital though did not affect the buildings. The paints on the gigantic facility are wearing out.

The hospital was sited at a very serene area with large space to contain any further arrangements and that it about 4 km to the popular Nkwo-Nkalagu market that holds every four days.

The dilapidated hospital building

The hospital should be seen as protected as the new area command headquarter has been installed very close to the facility, ensure adequate security of lives and property in the area.

“Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.”

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