Poor People, Poor Habit

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Wisdom Today

The common factor among poor people is poor money habit; wasteful generosity in plain language. I dare you challenge me to the contrary. For instance, the Poor are Givers; powerful and addicted Givers. The Rich are not! I have never seen givers as the poor. The poor, I can authoritatively say are the most generous givers ever seen. On the other hand, the Rich are not givers, but investors.

The Poor are the cash cow readily available to be milked by the rich. They are tireless donors. They give arbitrarily to attract empathy, sympathy, pity or at least favour from everybody, particularly, the rich and the wealthy.

If you are in doubt, answer these questions; who gives without expecting returns? Who runs an errand at no cost? Who releases his/her stuff to satisfy others? Who considers himself last? Who volunteers to help even when you have not solicited for same? Who can you engage anytime? Who escorts you to sign a contract or seal a business deal when he has no stake? Who exerts his energy without benefits? Who has no respect or value for his time? Who expends and burns productive energy in other people’s business? Who is busy for others but himself? Who is suffering and smiling?

The Poor! The Poor! The Poor! Ask a poor man for direction to a desired destination, he would not only point, describe and direct you to the place, but volunteer to take you there at no cost. He runs errands and burns energy without profit and consideration attached. He is the figure of the nice man everyone knows in the neighbourhood.

Let’s drive this home by comparing the habits of Givers – the Poor, with the habits of Investors – the Rich and the wealthy: The poor are givers, the wealthy are investors. A giver is extravagant, charitable, and philanthropic with his or her resources; be it material, human and financial. An investor considers returns before parting with any sum in his hand.

A Giver does it for God while investor does it for gold. A Giver gives generously without any string attached but an investor wants to know what’s in it for him. A Giver says, ‘I have nothing to lose’ while an investor asks, ‘what do I stand to gain?’ And lastly, ask for help from a giver, he will abandon his own work, go extra miles to make it happen for you. On the other hand, ask the rich and the wealthy (business-minded or investor) for help, you’ll be lucky to have him render 10-30% for you.

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