St Peter’s Secondary School Students Celebrate Fr. Isukpa 38 years Priesthood

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By Peete Kol


14th February, 2020 was a double celebration in St. Peter’s Secondary School Amana Onueke in Ezza South LGA. Not only being a valentine day, it also coincided with the ordination ceremony of the school’s principal, Rev. Fr. M. Isukpa’s 38 years in priesthood.

The students therefore decided to celebrate the day with their principal. It started with a mass celebrated by the principal, Rev. Fr. Matthew Isukpa.

To begin the ceremony, the priest rendered an opening prayer, followed by a speech from the General prefect of the school, Master Ede Marcilinus who congratulated the priest and praised him for his doggedness in running the fast growing school. He also wished the priest a happy Valentine celebration on behalf of other students. Soon after that, some SS 2 students on sparkling white, filed-out to render some sweet songs in praise of the priest / principal. As if that was not enough, the students gave Fr a pin to burst five balloons tied to a tape which according to them, represents St. Peter’s Secondary School Amana Onueke.

After bursting the balloons, fada was given a scissors to cut the tape. Soon after that, a cake was brought out for the priest to cut, joined by the members of staff and visitors tro’ the mention of Jesus!

This was followed by a wonderful drama session by the students which portrayed a family of 3 children where one of them was hell bent on becoming a priest, but the parents refused. The boy left to a priest’s house and later to a seminary school. The parents in order to dissuade him framed him to have impregnated a girl. This was later proven to be a lie. The boy eventually was ordained when the parents were old. The other boy of the family became useless and this priest blessed the parents who are now old before their death.

This was followed by another group of dancers before the Fr’s speech.

Fada Isukpa started by thanking the students and visitors present. He actually said that it has never been easy, pointing out that he started as early as 1966 when he bought his first mass box. He further stated that one Fr Usulor was the first Ezza priest though in the monastery and he Isukpa the second. He said that 173 of them started out but at the end, not up to 30 of them made it to the end. He ended by urging the students to be determined in all their endeavours, pointing out that without determination, nothing can be achieved.

He warned the students of arbitrary changing of schools which would not lead them to nowhere, instead it will rather disrupt their movements in life.

In his speech, Mr. Okolo, Peter an author of books congratulated the fada and thanked the students for their magnanimity in organizing the great event. He urged the students to be steadfast in their learning, pointing out that St. Peter’s students have knacks for gaining admission into higher institutions, using his children as an example. Also the Dean of external studies in the school Mr. Stephen Nwaugbabo congratulated the priest/principal and thanked the students and urged them to be studious and obedient by reading their books which is the only way to succeed in life. The ceremony ended with National Anthem ended it all.

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