Be Mentally Alert

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By Alabi John
Unarguably, the number one enemy of productivity is ‘sleep’. Medically, ‘sleep’ is good after a productive day. It is sweet. Sleep, however, without a productive, hard work and busy day is frustrating. Normally, 8hrs has been recommended as okay a day; thus in three days, it means you have spent 24hrs (a day) to sleep. If this is done for 30 years; calculate.
When you sleep less you become more productive
When you sleep less you become more fulfilling
When you sleep less you become mentally alert.
When you sleep less you achieve more
When you sleep less you become more relevant
But when you sleep MORE than necessary, you achieve less, become unproductive, and become stagnated, stranded, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, lazy and sickly. One significant variable the busy, the productive, the fulfilled, the rich, the wealthy, especially our politicians have conquered is sleep. They have developed aggressive hatred for sleep. The excuse of the poor and the average has always been, ‘you can’t cheat nature’. Hmmm. The earlier you begin to cheat nature, particularly sleep, the better for you, for your life and enviable tomorrow
Two principal characteristics namely; Oversleeping and Indiscretion define a lazy man. Associated with oversleeping is leisure, relaxation, always taking a nap and pleasure to mention but a few. Indiscretion is simply to be void of understanding and ideology. Love not laziness and all that is associated with it, for in laziness is the love of sleep, idleness, procrastination, postponement, the folding of the arm; all these are enemies of diligence, hard work and productivity. Perhaps you need to define ‘why and when do you go to sleep’. Do you go to sleep simply because the Sun is set or because your eyes are heavy?
Do you go to sleep because you have performed all your to-do-lists or you simply push it to the next day? Discipline enables you to be productive, profitable and maximize the day. The reason for nightmare and frustration of many is simply because they sleep too much. When your eyes are open, you see vision. Little wonder, Joel prophetically said, young men shall see vision not dream. Old men are supposed to dream even during the day. I go to sleep because my eyes are heavy, not because it’s late in the night. Discipline is Key to productivity and profitability. Follow the path of honour, diligence.
My day begins when I wake up! What about you? When do yours begin? When day break or when you wake up? Anyway, your day do not actually begin when day break, but when you wake up. Many are sleeping when day break and many are booting like a Pentium four desktop computer. Many wake up physically but asleep mentally!
They never really wake up! My day begins when I wake up! And, your day begins when you wake up! My day begins immediately once I wake up, irrespective of the hour of the night. I adopt this principle as a lifestyle. As soon as I wake up from sleep, I rarely go back to sleep. Not just awake doing nothing, but engaging my mind, exploring and deploying my energy into productive and profitable projects. I fashion out, devise, scheme and strategize to achieve my set goals and add value to my life. The routine is bible reading, praying, writing, planning and bodily exercise. I have never had it so good ever since. This approach, lifestyle and way of life are a blessing to me. You like to give it a shot?

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