Give With Humility


“But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

Matthew 6:3-4

Whenever someone mentions humility in relation to giving, this passage of the Bible comes to my mind. Giving with the purest heart is the best form of giving. The above passage teaches us to give in such a way that even our closest friends won’t know that we are giving. This way, the generosity you showed will be genuine and purely to help the needy not to garner praise from friends and relatives.

Giving itself is a humble act. When you give money or other material things to others, you should be happier seeing the impact your money made and how it was able to solve the problems of the people you gave rather than concentrating on the amount you gave and how much praises you would have gotten from telling others.

All these however seem to have been lost in today’s world where every single thing we do is advertised on social media. When people eat, drink, party, travel, even sleep, they wish the whole world to know. App developers keep coming up with exciting stuffs to draw us to the online world more. Things like Whatsapp status, Facebook story, Instagram story, amongst others make it easier for us to share details of our life to the world. The content everyone shares varies according to what he or she likes. While others share random acts with the world, others spill the whole thing. We visit the motherless babies homes for birthdays or other stuffs, we share the pictures on social media. We help a friend with cash, we spill everything on social media. We pay hospital bills for others we fill our social media walls with pictures.

However, when it comes to giving, I still feel that unless you have an Organisation or brand you are trying to promote, you should not share details of your charity acts with the media. While others may argue, this remains my opinion though. When you share your charity acts via online, people comment, like and praise you. It’s equivalent to the acts you carried out. Thus, I  feel that you have received the reward your father in heaven would have given you. You have been praised and thanked by your online followers, what else do you want?

Giving is a divine act. If you have a means to help another please do. Giving does not necessarily mean giving money. There are other things you can give out if you have them in bountiful. You could give food to the hungry, clothes to the naked, water to the thirsty, a shoulder for the heartbroken, a listening ear to a friend, words of encouragement to the depressed, advice to the confused. But when you do all these, don’t rush to social media to tell us, stand back and watch how you help impacts the persons life and thank God for the grace for you to be able to help.

Even if you share the news with us, our praises won’t feed you neither will it pay your bills.

On the other hand, you need to colder how the other party you helped will feel when he or she sees you sharing the news with all and sundry. Some will be hurt to see that. So you have to put there feelings into consideration.

Meanwhile, if for any reason you wish to share the news; perhaps for others to learn or to pass a message, then you will need the person’s  permission before you share such stories (especially when you have to mention his or her name).

Moreover, Giving without announcing it on the social media gains you more friends and increases the respect others have for you.

Let’s be reminded, it’s God alone that truly bless. The praises of man adds no value to your life.

So when you come across that person that needs one thing or another, don’t hesitate to give. Don’t tell others too after you do that. Keep it to yourself, your mouth will not burst.


Remember, none of us is leaving here alive!


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