Party Administration is to Strengthen Democracy (2)

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By Amaechi Oken


These spurious initiatives are considered superior to their political party constitutions. No other authority even if vested with powers can query the unscrupulous abuse because of the unfettered access to public fund by the overzealous people. In another respect, some big shots show impression that the party’s victory was anchored because of their presence. Presumed that if they had invested in any mushroom political party the result will be the same irrespective of low profile of candidates sponsored. That had opportunity for independent candidacy in elections were to be in Nigeria they still would have proved a point. Political party as an independent institution should be allowed to regulate, conduct, discipline etc. all the members whether in the executive and legislative arms of government from the executive president of the federation down to the councilors and indeed every other member of the party. No single individual or group has the constitutional muscle above the party administration, which collectively is tied to a fulcrum.

Strong suggestion for an amendment of the nation’s constitution is imperative to define in clear terms adequate source of party funding devoid of government direct revenue disbursement. For instance, funding remains the exclusive preserve of members, and when further elevated, exposed to be in charge of some government circles, designed contract projects in known certain ratios should be mapped out for the operation of party organs by functionaries/supporters, approved of  government at that level, provided the projects will be satisfactorily executed to prove a point to fulfil the biddings made during the electioneering campaign. Such fund realized in no small measure will go reasonable extent to augment the party budget. Other added options like levies, predominantly reflecting categories and donations occasionally to accommodate general public and contractors favored with projects, etc., Deliberations on how the revenue generated could be ploughed with the approval of the entire operational structure without surrendering to the whim and caprices of the few, will be invoked.

Activity at grass root specifically from political wards should be reinvigorated since it is the only place membership registers are kept and everyone irrespective of creed emanates. From the lowest level of people in government: elected councilors, state/national assembly members, council chairmen, governors, president and all the various appointees are duty bound to release 5/10% of their monthly gross earnings to their various wards and in agreed proportion the fund is shared for the running of party activities from ward, local government, state geopolitical zone and national headquarters of the particular political party.

The moment credible revenue problem is resolved, the executive will concentrate on the enormous party administration. The faithful members in government either as executive or law makers, who are depended on to bring light to the party will concentrate in their various primary duty schedule. There is a window constitutionally structured for categories of people to meet, air their views. Matters resolved are taken seriously and cannot be swept under the carpets in an attempt to ensure strict compliance to the programme and activities streamlined in the annual budget. In course of the interaction with the government issues like project locations are taken to cure neglect intended to be suffered so that the parties next outing in election becomes lessened with abundant amenities and infrastructure evenly spread and utilized. Further monitor and inspect ongoing projects, at their due selected appropriate sites. Ensure structures as provided in the party constitution are in place, meeting up with expected functions regularly to avoid temptation of being hijacked by hawks.

Political party is a special incubating room whose work does not end with the hatching of eggs. It remains indispensable nests for the birds that passed through these directions to frequently be in touch. The various work instruments for enlightenment, channeled toward contribution of ideas and uninterrupted participation of members without prejudice are always explored. The planners of political democracy, built institutions after series of experiments for stable sustenance namely executives, legislature, judiciary (justice) and bureaucracy backed up with key functions aimed at independent bodies to smoothly function to achieve good result for people’s collective goals without trespass. As they complement each other, suspected interference and misgiving are tackled through dialogue and consultations. Roundtable conference is also adopted in joint meetings to curb excesses sprouting from any of the five instruments bound to accustom checks and balances. The division of labor is intended to facilitate injection of expertise advice and innovative technology.

Annoyingly for fear of the unknown and upheaval friction envisaged in the process, the wrong crop of people favored to be in charge, collapse every structure to one table, to be singularly controlled. As a result, democracy drifts to monarchy/military dictatorship, divergent intellectual thoughts are completely removed. Backwardness and decadents creep in where new ideas are not taken after critical debates and deliberations. Critical research on technological know-how sourced either locally or globally in order to bridge them to daylight is dead. One man because of the presumed peoples mandate call the shots for the political party, governments at executive, legislative, justice and civil service are subdued to show loyalty to one who claims sole power on revenue, be it at federal, state or local government. He directs affairs of party, government at executive, legislature, judiciary, civil service, without recourse to any person or group.

The ugly pattern of realizing worsened method in upcoming elections is deplorable. Instead of addressing the identified problems encountered in the past elections, they are compounded the more. Very insulting that unimaginable scale is aggregated and helplessly watch problems magnify to tyranny. Let all hands be on deck for better tomorrow.

The constitution of the federal republic must be respected at all times. Discussions and dialogues will be frequently done to smoothen grey areas, through due process of amendment which undoubtedly springs up regularly. The people’s mandate must not be fiddled with; but be exercised in order to meet up with their expectations/hope, without robbing them of choices of projects, social amenities, and various program for enhanced welfare even economically, arising from broad based interactions targeted to satisfy their earnings. The general opinion polls in every respect and circumstance should not be tampered with.

Keep early undertakings and agreement. Hear them out regularly through widened platforms. The earlier you stop playing on their intelligence, the better.

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