Burglar Caught At Mechanic Site

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… Another at St. Theresa Cathedral

By Okereke Wilson Ogbonnaya


An alleged thief, Mr. Emeka Onyekachi, 21 years and indigene of Bende LGA of Abia State accused of terrorizing some artisans at the Mechanic Site, Abakaliki was arrested recently by the security men of the area.

One of the security men who does not want to be named told us that on the fateful Sunday morning after the accused person had seen the serenity of the place following a large number of persons who had gone to church, he secretly forced his way into a workshop belonging to Hon. Peter Abara popularly known as “Sharp, Sharp”.

He said that after the suspected thief had gathered some useful motor parts at the victim’s shop and started going, unluckily to him, he encountered the guards who caught him alongside the items.

He claimed that prior to the incident Mr Onyekachi had attempted coming into the premises to steal at night but having observed the readiness of the guards, he retreated only to resurface the following day when he was caught with stolen motor parts.

He also disclosed that before the incident, the accused person had stolen jerry can containing 60 litres of diesel in the site and attributed the man’s alleged waywardness to the effect of marijuana intake.


“This man has been the only problem starring on the faces of the security men in the area because stealing of all sorts hardly take place without him being at the centre stage,” he said.

The accused person, an apprentice at the site admitted stealing from Hon. Abara’s shop while revealing that his action was induced by hunger.

He added that he had involved himself in such illegal activity two times before he was caught while he did sell his stolen goods to a scrap dealer in the area known as “Element”.

Similarly, another man of about 28 years, Mr Emmanuel Nwonu an indigine of Amudo in Ezza South LGA said to be  in the habit of stealing belongings of Christian faithful from one Church to another was also caught at St. Theresa Cathedral.

The Chief Security Officer of the Parish, Mr James Ogwu told us that the man sneaked into St Anthony’s Grotto under the pretence that he was going for prayer only for him to be found struggling to open the offertory box but for the eagle eyes of the guards, he was caught in the act.

He told us that Mr Nwonu had been found in a similar act at the same church and St Mulumba parish, Azuiyiokwu but for the magnanimity of the faithful, he was set free then.

The thief accused, on his part told us that he attempted to steal so that he could buy medicine for his asthmatic condition while promising the security men that he would not come to the premises any longer, if he is allowed to go.

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