Man Clubs Wife to Death

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…Over Night Meal

By Nwogha Ndubuisi Andy


A man whose name was given as Mr. Ogbonna Nwopho, a native of Uburu Amachi village in Amachi Community, Abakaliki LGA, Ebonyi State on Monday 7 March, 2020, has allegedly beaten his wife, Mrs. Nnenna Ejione Agbafor Nwopho, to death for not giving him night food.

The incident, our reporter learnt, started on Wednesday night when the man, allegedly to be habitual drunkard, Mr. Nwopho, came back from his usual drinking joint and demanded for his night food from his wife.

But, instead of serving him food as usual, she left for the back of the house, unknown to her that the husband was following her heels.

He pounced on the woman from behind and wrestled her down, at the same time beating her with all his might.

It was gathered that late Nnenna managed to pick herself up amidst heavy beating, ostensibly to run away, but the husband slide tackled her and she came crashing heavily on the ground, where she was suspected to have a broken spinal cord.

It was also learnt that at that point, Mr. Nwopho raised alarm for help which attracted few neighbourhood due to what was termed his usual verbal abuse of his wife.

It was when they gathered that they discovered that the matter was no ordinary one and they helped to move the seriously injured woman to the community clinic.

Narrating the ugly incident, the family member Mr. Bernard Iboko, one of the Eze’s Cabinet, told us that they received the news with shock, and explained that such abnormality has never happened in their family.

He narrated that when he received the message, the whole family quickly gathered at Nwopho’s house where they ordered him to move his injured wife from the community clinic to Alex Ekwueme Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki,(AE-FETHA) where she later gave up the ghost.

He said that the family had in an effort to stop their son from his drinking habit denied him of his rights during one of their daughter’s traditional marriage as monetary gift made for him was given to the wife.

The elderly man hinted that the family had employed various measures to curtail the habit but all to no avail, pointing out that at a time, they felt relieved when they learnt that the woman had picked up the act of beating the man in their domestic fights, until the recent fight that led to her death.

He appealed to Federal Government to place ban on local dry gin otherwise known locally as kai-kai as it has done a lot of damage to the society.

He advised men who are in the act of beating their wives to shun the act as there are many other ways to caution an erring wife instead of engaging in physical combat.

Speaking with the village Head, Chief Ernest Ogbaga, he stated that he had on different occasions since being installed as village leader intervened in the accused family affairs relating to beating up his wife but regretted that the recent incident happened when he travelled out of the state.

He said that his committee made effort to forestall peace but the accused person has always claimed not to be an indigene of the village and so should be allowed to live his life.

On their part, a close relative of the deceased, Mr. Benard Chukwu (a.k.a BOC) a native of Amakporo in Igboeze Onicha, Onicha LGA frowned at the careless death of their sister describing the action as inhumane.

The bereaved uncle reliably told us that their coming was to confirm the news of their sister’s death and to inform the accused family that their son had not paid the necessary items as their custom demands.

Meanwhile, our reporter meant to understand that the accused person has been handed over to men of Nigeria Police Force, for further investigation.

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