Significance of Twins and Multiple Births Festival in Ebonyi State

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Ebonyi Twins and Multiple Births Festival is an annual gathering of biological twins, multiples with their families and friends at Abakaliki, Ebonyi State to celebrate Twins Legacy and Heritage on 27th day of March.

The Carnival which serves as Twins Awareness Campaign equally draws twins from other twins associations and organizations in other States of Nigeria and beyond.

The essence of Ebonyi Twins and Multiple Births Festival is to pay glowing homage to twins Saviours in Ebonyi State especially Rev. Bryan William Imbush and Rev. Fr. Raymond Ifeanyichukwu Ezeonu. It is also an avenue of promotion and sustenance of their good works of salvation by empowering identified indigent twins with their families.

Ebonyi Twins and Multiple Births Association (ETAMBA) was birthed out of burning appreciation of Twins Heritage and deep love for twins and multiples. ETAMBA was inaugurated as a body on 27/03/17 at St. Theresa’s Catholic Cathedral, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. The founder/initiator of ETAMBA is Godwin Chinonso Ezeaka, the Coordinating Chairman of Friends of Rev. Fr. Raymond IFEANYICHUKWU Ezeonu (FORFRIE).

In ETAMBA, twins unite purposely to share their unique experiences with their co-twins, multiples and others. What is it like to be either identical or fraternal twins, twins-related questions, opinions, concerns and fun-filled activities are also entertained. Ebonyi Twins and Multiples connect and interact with each other. From this interconnectivity, they are linked to the other organizations, associations, corporations, entrepreneurs, industries, and the general public.

The aim is to provide an authentic and a better avenue for public enlightenment on the humanity of twins, triplets, quadruplets and other multiples, as they were misunderstood to be lower human beings or animals. It is argued that they are a higher breed of humans. The authenticity of their superiority is evident in their potentialities and multi-talentedness.  Lived experiences have proven beyond doubts that twins and multiples are special gifts from God.

We are pleased to invite you to the Fourth Ebonyi Twins and Multiple Births Festival commemorating the 77th Birthday Remembrance of Rev. Fr. Raymond Ifeanyichukwu Ezeonu (27/03/1943 – 26/01/2003) holding at No. 8 Dr. Tina Nweze Street Edda Echera, Ugwuachara, Abakaliki on 27 March, 2020.

If you are twins/multiples, have twins/multiples or expecting twins/multiples, you are a special guest of honour. Come and be enlightened by experts on how to overcome the peculiar challenges associated with the parenting and upbringing of twins/multiples. The event will allow participants to share their personal experiences in their unique journeys as parents, families and friends of twins/ to linking, connecting and networking all twins/multiples families with the objectives of encouraging, supporting them in collaboration with other allied organizations, foundations, and men and women of goodwill.

We hope you join us at Twins and Multiple Births Care Foundation (TAMB_CF) in working and campaigning for the welfare and well-being of twins and multiples.

Twins and Multiple Births Care Foundation (TAMB_CF) an Incorporated Trustees founded and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in 2018 is dedicated to championing the Causes of Twins and Multiples.

This is aimed at campaigning and fighting for their Rights, Privileges and entitlements by giving a voice to the voiceless Indigent Twins and Multiple Births with their families.

The Non Governmental Organization is determined to be a Positive Change Agent in the lives of the poor children/families of The Multiple Birth Experience in our society through provisions of Comprehensive Care and Support Services.

Our services are geared and intended towards building and sustaining the capacities of our beneficiaries to provide for themselves.

TAMBCF envisions a human society where the Rights of people of multiple births are guaranteed, protected and respected, a healthy environment where twins and multiple births live comfortably and harness their full potentials.

multiples. This is expected to foster active peer group sharing of ideas and building of stronger friendship, good human relationship and social contact as well as a strong sense of belonging in a society that twins were overwhelmingly isolated, and perhaps, are still being treated with some reservations because of their birth situations.

ETAMBA envisions a society where there are no prejudices, biases, discrimination or isolation of children of twin or multiple births; a community that welcomes, appreciates and celebrates twins and multiples in their respective zones and regimes.

With the full knowledge of the challenges of raising multiple births families, ETAMBA is hereby, committed.

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