The Superior Approach to the City!

By John Alabi

Sometime ago in 2014, I boarded a vehicle from Area 1, Garki, Abuja to Gwagwalada. Sat beside me was a man dressed in suit with collar; guessed he was a church person. As we moved, he sheepishly introduced a music CD produced by him to me which I declined to buy. He did same to the next person to him and the person also declined. No further prospecting again having been turn downed twice. Well, we parted ways in Gwagwalada.

After some weeks or thereabout, the same man, with the same bag suddenly showed up in my office looking for a deputy director. From all indications, he wanted the Engineer to launch and/or perhaps at least buy his CD.  Hmmmmn. Then I heard wisdom calling in the street of Eccl 10:15; A fool’s work wearies him; he does not know the way to town. NIV. If I may ask, how many CDs could he possibly sell using this medium and approach? Would he ever come to limelight with this pity-me-buy-approach? Your guess is as good as mine. He would simply labour and wear himself to death.

Do you think contemporary artists are fools; uploading their songs, music and movies for free download online? They upload their songs online via facebook, youtube, and other social media platforms for free. Or if I may ask, how many musicians do you think are making money today from sales of CDs and DVDs?

But, the world gets to know them in a hurry and relate with their lyrics. They become popular and famous without paid adverts. The issue is how they make money since you can download and transfer their songs from phone to phone via Bluetooth, flash drive and flash share and etc.

First and foremost, they build their brand and image, become popular and famous before embarking on a live show.

All the monies you refuse to pay to buy their CDs (audio and video) they collect during the live show. They also make money becoming brand ambassadors for corporate companies, etc.

There are millions out there dying in silence even with the heavy load of resources, gifting, talents, skills and opportunities in their custody.

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