The Attraction from Without

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By Onyibe John


It is a well known fact that there is an underlying desire within the youths, young minds and other hopefuls to “escape” from the country; all in the quest to seek for a better living elsewhere due to the stringent economic volcano cum political imbroglio which has ripped through the spines and marrows of the citizenry and has greatly become one of the non diminishing issues of the country.

“Escape” in this regard is the emigration from the country to another state to seek safety and apparently to secure a better living standard.

The greatest dream of about every average Nigerian is to taste the life of a sybarite, because it is wontedly imbued both by clout and nature to garner materiality and wealth, and to avoid annihilation, poverty and squalor. It is for this, that it becomes the apparent desire of many youths and those in the labour market to clamper to leave this hunch of hell Nigeria and travel to far Europe or Asia where their currency and living standard can be greatly improved. Most others who have graduated from universities, other tertiary institutions or who have obtained different skills are rather frustrated, disparaged, derailed and pummeled by tough times which seems to be on the increase as time switches on, has all lost hope in the system and all they wish for is the slightest of opportunity to travel outside the base of the nation and start a different beginning even in the phase of meticulous envisage.

The problem of escape is a wry-wild one, it has been a national issue which is one of intense interest and this has prompted the positions of most intellectuals coming with warm rapport to lay their positions with an ephemeral statistics to substantiate their positions. This will be discussed seriatim.

It is without much ado that I find it very pertinent in pointing that they are alluring reasons worth a rendition why there are positive sides of this, the clout to abscond has earned so many the virile opportunity to have academic courses outside the shores of Nigeria, so many others seek to abscond in order to gain a job outside the country while several others wish to leave for a place where the barometer in checking the pulse of political advantage is more embracing than the inimical cravens of Tutsi practicable in Nigeria. Some travel outside the country in quest to gain permanent citizenship of the country they travel to, while so many others travel far to embrace business opportunities and braid their skills.

Many engage in gimmicks, ploys which only ends in despicable impasse while trying to find a way which will aid them to stay longer in their different countries of settlement, thereby engaging in contract marriages, sugar-mummy- relationships, surreptitious prostitution, sale of narcotics, armed robbery, kidney commerce and other obvious and draconic crimes and pernicious dealings, all in the quest to earn a living”. Indeed, the quest to abscond from Nigeria is an emissary in the vogue of pain filled with self crudity and imminent cruelty to cut it short, thoughIt is no surprise that Nigeria and her citizenry have been enmeshed in contradictions, paradoxes, controversies and crises. These are subsumed in the national question, and social groups of varying ideological leanings cohere on the central issues. These are linked to national unity, local autonomy and self determination, equitable distribution of revenue, rewards, opportunities and power. They also include the observation and implementation of fundamental human rights, among which are the rights of franchise and empowerment, and socio-economic rights to basic needs’ satisfaction, sustainable environment and life.

To ease the chains locking the neck the writer will fall into rebuttal to every mind in positive conception of the quest to abscond, he would point out that things are way too bad to grasp easily the dainty consequences of absconding.

We enjoy so many privileges we are not conscious of or we are not overtly thankful for, because of ignorance. The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has enshrined and promulgated fundamental objectives of state and state principles cum its brother fundamental human rights and rights against the violations of persons, all in the desire to contain and protect the rights and privileges of the citizenry. These rights are enforceable subject to jurisdiction, enforceability, interest, et al, and cannot be easily enjoyed by citizens who have absconded from the Nigerian jurisdiction. The ability to contain them within the circumference of this jurisdiction is not only coax but also a sham. It is for that particular reason that I suggest that it becomes fixity to repeal the pique notion of absconding for one to maintain the ease of enforceability of his rights and sustain his recognition as one legally capable and “politically recognized human person”. This was given a clear sample in the xenophobia attack and rand rebellion on Nigerians living in Gauteng, Durban, Mpumalaga and other suburb areas of South Africa where a crazy number of more than a thousand persons were lost in hoax and utter rattle.

Most time, we imagine the fate of a nation like Nigeria, which is known as Africa’s most populous nation to be in such a trouble where her own people would run far away in search of hope irrespective of government’s responsibility. It is holistically the fault of the government that this bad omen rears its ugly head among the citizens of the country. It is easily discerning that the most important reason is poverty or the quest to seek for greener pasture by the hungry masses.

Without much apportionment of blames, it is notable for everyone to grasp that there are many untold sides of this omen, many negative implications are the reparations for this consistent emigrations and they include: death, mar, political in-reputation, insecurity, penury and other acrimonious outcomes which cannot be easily foreseen. Such as the happenings in Italy and Portugal where Nigerians are continually trafficked and sexually harassed daily, many have become highly frustrated and mentally incoherent as a result of imprisonment warranted by improper trial without bail and accusations without imminent assistance. Many people have been led into believing that there are easy routes to acquiring wealth outside the foreshore of Nigeria, that the horizon of wealth and opportunities beeps at every minute within the province of the Nation’s outskirt, people of this caliber only end up having their hearts swelled by frustration, confusion and disappointment. A story was once told of a child who was sentenced to death in Singapore for dealing on drugs, inability to comprehend language and lackluster on the part of the Nigerian embassy or envoy to come up and savor the situation on time led to an improper trial and subsequent death of the poor, innocent, young-Nigerian who was only misled by a man who promised to help him out by acquiring a visa for him.

The quest to abscond should also be regarded as a benign confrontation of the problems of every citizen, there are no greener pastures elsewhere but bitter pill of penury and quagmire, the earlier the culture of hard work is imbued in individualism and dedication is harvested in the everyday travails, that is when ebb and ripple can be absconded from and there will be an ingress of success and a better Nigeria.

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