Syria Agony and the Tragedy of Innocent Children

By Chinagorom Emmanuel Alita
I don’t think its right anymore to say that the ongoing Syrian civil war is still a civil war. The First World War took approximately four years to end 1914-1918, likewise the Second World War 1939-1945. The Syrian civil war has turned out to become a clandestine and nocturnal affair of states who seek military and political interest to the detriment of the millions of lives, the Syrians!
The Syrian civil war began during the Arab spring in 2011 as a peaceful uprising against the country’s president Bashar al Assad. This peaceful demonstration, projected into a full time civil war, shattering the lives of Syrians, destroying cities, straining global politics and spurring diplomatic effort that are constantly questioned as the world witnesses the horror of ongoing warfare in Syria.
The holy alliance of Syrian government and Russia government has done little or nothing in combating the violence as the rebels backed by terrorist groups keep gaining grounds in the war causing loss of lives.
An estimated 400,000 Syrians have fled the country. According to the United Nations, as of December 2016, 4.81 million Syrians have fled the country with 6.3 million people displaced internally. The Syrians affair has become a global concern only that the world seems to have moved on without Syria.
The US which is considered as one of the major world powers have become quite witty in their involvement in the Syria conflict, this is probably due to the ever present of Russia in the warfare and the steady participation of turkey and Iran. The Syrian war is a multisided civil war that involves the Ba’athist Arab republic led by Syrian president Bashar al Assad along with domestic and foreign force opposing both the Syrian government and each other in varying combinations. The civil war in Syria is currently regarded as the second deadliest of the 21st century.
According to the statistics provided by France24,’more than nine years of war in Syria has left more than 380,000 people dead including over 115,000 civilians. Consequently, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which has a network across the country, confirmed that this number included around 22000 children and more than 13000 women. The Syria civil war has destroyed the country’s economy in a devastating manner as the conflict has set its economy back three decades, destroying infrastructures and paralyzing the production of electricity and oil.
Syria Government’s Impiety
The Syria’s government of Bashar al Assad believes vehemently in the total annihilation of the rebels and civilians opposing his government and has on several occasions resorted to using every mechanism available to achieve this objective. More than five million people have fled the country while more than seven million are internally displaced. Turkey is hosting the largest number of Syrian refugees with the latest number being around 3. 7 million (BBC report 2020). The total death toll does not include some 88,000 people who died in regime jails or thousands missing after being abducted by all sides in the conflict. Syrians have had to face the torturous regime prisons. According to a 2019 reports by the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR), at least 127,916 civilians are being held in regime prisons while 13,983 people died as a result of torture by the Syrian forces.
The Syrian government of Assad has on several occasions’ targeted humanitarian facilities and vehicles about 1044 times and 403 times by the Russian forces. Apart from the deaths, the Syrian government has frequently obstructed aid workers by detaining workers and bombing humanitarian centers. This is a terror to all living Syrians
Innocent Children Of War
The children are the sacrificial lamb in the ongoing Syrian civil war; they have paid the greater price as collateral damages. Years of warring and violence has left the children devastated, their what-could-have-being a good life time was turned to a life of misery and in some extreme cases cut short by violence, displacement and severed family ( UNICEF,2020)
When official monitoring began in 2014 and down to 2019, more than 5,400 children had been killed, an average of one child every ten hours, of the children who survived, more than 8 million are out of school inside Syria and in neighboring countries, many more roam about without parents , proper food and proper treatment.
UNICEF Executive director, Henrietta Fore, explains that ‘as the war enters its tenth year, millions of children are entering their second decade of life surrounded by war, violence, displacement and death’. The children are displaced in a pitiable condition; the children in Turkish border are left without proper clothing and food at the mercy of hunger and the desert biting cold. Fragile souls!
Consequently upon this mayhem, like the Covid-19, the Syria civil war must be a collective effort of the world leaders without sentiments whatsoever because the ongoing warfare in Syria is no longer funny. Currently Syria is unrecognizable. It has become a grave yard of blood an sands, if the world allows this war to continue, very soon there won’t be any soul living in Syria anymore. This catastrophe has been a nightmare to the yet surviving Syrians, sleeping at cozy border and being awakened up by the sounds of missiles and ruptures of building can be quite terrifying. Children have seen their birthday come and go in the war stricken Syria.
Currently, Syria needs urgent humanitarian assistance, they need peace more than anything else, the children need the assurance and the reassurance of the world to survive if they are to live beyond this warfare. The Time for silence is over.

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