Man Escapes Death From Neighbour’s Attack

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By Okereke Wilson Ogbonnaya

A young man of about 23 years and indigene of Ndiebor Ishiagu Village, Mr. Chibuike Oroke said to have been attacked recently with cutlass by his kinsman was rescued by neighborhood at Ndieze Community in Izzi LGA.
Our reporter was told by an eye witness who does not want to be named that the trouble started following the action of Mr. Anthony Ogbaga, father of five who was angry seeing the victim passed through his compound
He disclosed that the accused person had earlier issued stern warning that nobody should pass through his compound but the victim on the fateful evening ignorantly took the said route with his friend, in the process encountered resistance from the owner of the compound.
He added that during the trespassing, the two men were confronted by Mr. Ogbaga who angrily directed that they should go back through where they entered from but Mr. Chibuike having seen that it was a few steps remaining out of the compound passed through.
Our source further said that based on this, a mild argument erupted between the two parties, they left for their individual homes hoping that the problem had ended.
The following morning, Mr. Ogbaga went to Mr. Chibuike’s house, confronted and attacked him with a matchet, claiming that he stole his belonging while he passed through his compound the previous day
He said, “After the little quarrel, Mr. Chibuike left for his house unknowingly to him that Mr. Ogbaga had sworn to deal with him the following morning, when Mr. Chibuike was chatting with his mother, the man barged into the area and accused him of stealing his belongings.”
“Before Mr. Chibuike could make an attempt to defend himself verbally, the man had already launched an attack on him with the cutlass.”
Another resident, Mr. Ejikeme Nwiziogo told Citizens’ advocate that, if not for the alarm raised by the victim’s mother, his case would have been worse.
He condemned the attitude of some persons whom he said are fond of using matchets and other forms of weapon against their fellow human beings over any slightest provocation or misunderstanding.
He claimed that the man had in several occasions in the time past indulged in similar acts, he suggested that he should be made to pay fine as disciplinary measure so that he would desist from such behaviour.

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