Woman Kills Husband With Rat Poison

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By Ruth Oginyi


A woman simply identified as Mrs. Eddie from Ndiakpurata, Igbeagu Community in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State was on Thursday paraded by youths and women of the area for allegedly killing her husband with rat poison.

She was moved naked with children chanting unholy songs following her through major roads in igbeagu through Ndiuakpurata village square before banishing her from the husband’s house.

Although the traditional ruler of the community Eze Ukwa denied knowledge of such incidence when contacted on phone, it was gathered that the woman reportedly killed her husband with a rat poison after sleeping with one of her lover boys last Monday.

Source close to the community told journalists that Mrs. Eddie who was accused of being in the habit of having extramarital affairs returned home late on Sunday night and the husband confronted her, in the process of arguing with each other, the husband beat her blue-black, an act which the source said prompted her action to prepare his dinner with the rat poison.

The community source said, “What the woman did is unpardonable by killing her husband with a rat poison and that’s why the youths stripped her naked and paraded her around the village.”

“The man died after coming back from a burial and ate her wife’s food which she must have prepared with the substance just to kill the man in order to marry one of her numerous lovers.”

“Eddie didn’t wake up the following morning after eating her food. The woman deliberately threw the remaining food away so that we will not know but God has exposed her evil.”

“She has been flirting with different boys in the community, despite the fact that her husband is a responsible man who takes care of her. Her actions are embarrassing and a disgrace to womanhood.”

When contacted, Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Ebonyi State Command, DSP Loveth Odah said such matter has not been reported at their Izzi division but police would find out the truth.

She said, “If police finds out that the report is true, we will arrest the perpetrators, do you know what it means?, they have violated the person’s right, everybody has right to wear cloth, so anything against it by the community or whosoever is violation of the person’s right.”

“The DPO is busy investigating the authenticity of the information and if we find out that it is true, the perpetrators will be prosecuted for it.”

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