Meditation on the Christian Church from Israel

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…And The Coronavirus Pandemic From China, In The World

By Msgr. PatrickMary Anene Mmuo

We shall begin our meditation by citing the essential doctrine and life of Christianity which was brought to the world by Jesus Christ in Israel about 2020 years ago. After that we shall overview the advent of the Corona Virus Pandemic to the modern world in 2020.
The Christian Life
Christianity practices a mysterious mode of human life that is now permeating the whole world. The teaching and life of Jesus Christ, its founder and sustainer which the members imitate or follow are filled with what men cannot aptly comprehend. Though in the world this life refers looks up to a mysterious existence of another world that is beyond this one to which it will ultimately lead. Some of the sayings of Jesus can be paraphrased as follow: ‘I am the Son of God (which means that he is God). I am the Truth, the Life, and the Way (to God). I am the Living Bread, he who eats this Bread shall never die but live forever; and if he dies he shall rise again to life. He who drinks my Blood shall live in me and I in him and he shall never die. I am the living Bread that came down from heaven. He who follows me walks in the Light of life away from darkness. I am the Resurrection.’
Jesus proved his words to be true when on the third day of his crucifixion, death and burial, he rose from the tomb and appeared to his disciples, spoke with them, ate with them, and interacted clearly with them. After his resurrection he used to appear to them without obstruction even in enclosed and locked rooms without opening the shutters. He would also disappear similarly. Finally, he commissioned his disciples to go to the whole world and teach all mankind his doctrine and show them his life through their imitation of him in their own lives. He told them to teach the peoples to imitate him also and then wait to receive the gift of resurrection from him after their death. They will also live forever in the spiritual kingdom of everlasting happiness with him and his Father and the Spirit. His disciples, now members of his Church, later became the Christian Church in the world.
The Church described itself as living in the world but not being of the world, because they are strangers in exile, with their souls waging war against the worldly desires toward which their bodies tend. They are always bound to do good works for the glory of God, even if they suffer gravely for doing so. They must respect everybody, the governor or king; honor the citizens alike, in clean conscience. They are bound to do charitable works, especially for the poor, the handicapped in mind or body and for everybody without any discrimination or exceptions.
The ritual initiation of Christians into the Church, called Baptism and Anointing, integrate them fully with Jesus, in his death to sin and worldly desires and pursuits. They are commissioned to do all good works towards all men in the whole world.
It should be noted that although the minds and hearts of the Christians are fixed on the realm of the kingdom of God beyond this world. All their actions are performed for the welfare of this world and all it contains, because the whole world is the creature of God which God wants to remain good as he created it, as a demonstration of his love for all mankind to whom he has given so much of this world, cf., Gen. 1: 27, and 28.
The Church At Work In The World
On Easter Sunday and every Sunday of the year, and on some feast days, the Church celebrates the Eucharist, the efficacious celebration of the original Eucharist celebrated by Jesus and his apostles in Jerusalem, called the Mass. This is the focus and font of all the Church’s life and activities in the world.
From the beginning, the Church has done its work according to the directions of the Founder, Jesus Christ, through the Vicars, beginning with Peter the apostle and his successors, and the apostles and bishops of the Church in every country of the world. This began after Jesus had returned to his Father at his Ascension into Heaven, and sent the Holy Spirit upon the disciples, about 2000 years ago. It must be noted that the work of the Church is totally God (Jesus) – centered and controlled.
Evidence Of The Church’s Works
Since the Church began to do its work in the world, the moral and social order of the world society have gradually and radically changed from being communities ruled by imperialistic oppression, hatred, violence, division and animosity, into organized and charitably administered and friendly communities or countries. The Church has brought into the world formal education, schools and universities. It has introduced hospitals and other health-providing institutions. It has introduced Homes to care for the youth, the incapacitated and the helpless aged ones. The Church has established decent cemeteries, areas for the respectful burial of the dead who had used these bodies to do good works in the world.
Through its use of the system of charity and peace in organization of the dioceses, parishes, provincial and national councils for good administration, the Church has encouraged good political governance of the peoples. This political process for ruling the Church all over the world is a very good example to the rest of the world for unifying the peoples in charity and peace. These are the works of the Church centered on God, through which it has enlightened and assisted very many nations is the world up to this time, 2020.
The Coronavirus In The World, In 2020
The Corona Virus is a microscopic enigmatic creature whose arrival and activity in the whole world attacks and baffles everybody on earth. Its well known characteristic is that it kills every human being it enters his body without being promptly extracted. In its attack it does not discriminate among mankind just according to the principle of their creation by which God the Creator, made them all equal before him. The truth known about the virus is that it kills men without exceptions, notice, warning, or mercy.
A very important note about Corona Virus is that whereas God the Creator gives life and happiness to all mankind, this virus brings immediate pain, death and sorrow for all – the very opposite of God’s relation with men. The relation of Corona Virus with mankind is the relation of death which was first brought to men by Satan after the creation of man in the Garden of Eden. There, Satan deceived Adam and Eve the first humans and, led them to disobedience of God, because of which they incurred death for all humanity.
Since the arrival of Corona Virus in the world from China, the happiness that remained among mankind after the punishment by death, for their sins and mutual wickedness, has got seriously attacked and eroded in a unique manner. This is in spite of God’s intervention by sending Jesus and his Church to the world. The tactics used by the Corona Virus first of all forbids men coming together to share their love and joy with one another because the virus would use this contact to transfer death from one person to another. When it enters a friend it stifles his breathing system and puts him into a painful sudden death without the favor of friendship. Surely this is the work of Satan done through this virus. Satan hates the love that brings men together to share joy in God. He tries to keep off love together with truth, obedience and humility7 in order to introduce falsehood, confusion, disobedience, hatred and death. Using the virus Satan does this horrible work among men.
This situation reveals to modern men under the attacks of Corona Virus, that the essential remedy for the attacks of Corona Virus must begin at the origin of mankind from where men got their lives. This origin is God, the great and Almighty Creator Lover and giver of Life. From him life will come and overthrow the death brought by Corona Virus on our people. The love that God will give to our people will unite men for the mutual acts of love or charity, concern and assistance for all the neighbors, by which the hatred brought by Satan inflicts death on men through the agency of Corona Virus. The virus will then be wiped off the face of the modern world.
The Remedy Against Death
Atheism is a mortal sin against humanity. It denies the existence of God who is the source and giver of human life. It therefore inclines men to inordinate freedom to do whatever each individual wants irrespective of any other person or being. It therefore invokes death (or non-life) upon all living men. The Corona Virus is therefore the agent which brings this doom on all mankind in the whole world now, with its indiscriminate killing of men. This sin which annoys God immensely, must be rejected through conversion of hearts and repentance, which the universal struggles and efforts against the Corona Virus should now arouse! All men all over the world should receive from God, this conversion of hearts and join in faith and humility, the united and honest efforts of men of goodwill to overcome Corona Virus and the death it brings.
Call For The Attention Of The World’s National Presidents And Executives
The representatives and rulers of large masses of human beings are eagerly asked to take note of this situation on behalf of the welfare of their citizens. They are urged to avoid the evil of Atheism and Agnosticism in their minds and hearts and state operations, so that their plans and operations can be based on Truth and Life, and therefore be relevant to their people’s honest welfare. All heads of countries should therefore reject atheism or agnosticism in the operation of state affairs. This suggestion should be given maximum consideration by the Chinese Government as the Corona Virus entered the world from their territory.
Furthermore, the love of life and of neighbors, should henceforth keep all men together all over the world, irrespective of race, sex, color, nation, social or economic status, and help them to reject and fight against the other sources and causes of death of human beings, namely: Guns and bullets; bombs, rockets, grenades and missiles; bomber planes and ballistic missiles; gaseous killers in hatred of neighbors, lies, delight and intrigue in politics and economic affairs. All these evil things kill human beings in various ways that are even worse than the way in which Corona Virus kills, even though it does not use any weapon. Let all of us, people of the modern world, in the year 2020, hate and reject all these things and work to wipe them off the face of the modern world.

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