Covid-19 Lockdown: Sow A Seed

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In the morning sow your seed, and in the evening do not withhold your hand; for you do not know which will prosper, either this or that, or whether both alike will be good.–Ecclesiastes 11:6 (NKJV)
An anonymous said, “With water, sun and soil, a tiny seed can grow into a majestic tree. The seed’s power to transform so dramatically seems almost mythic in proportion, which is perhaps why seeds appear in many religious parables.”
There’s the parable of the sower in the bible, in the book of Mathew 13. This sower sows seeds. He sows seeds all over the place. Every location gets seeds. The crushed soil of the path gets seeds, the rocky soil gets seeds, the thorny soil gets seeds and fertile soil gets seeds, too.
The sower wants life to sprout. The sower is willing to invest time and effort and materials into every type of soil, even if the soil doesn’t seem promising.
What does the sower sow? The sower sows seeds. Seeds are good things. Seeds become a plant. Seeds hold the promise of new life, new directions, hope and a future.
God sows seeds, too. He flings the seed of Jesus Christ into the hearts and lives of people everywhere. Every person gets a touch from Jesus Christ.
The Sower sows seeds into the various soils. God sows the seed of Jesus Christ into our lives. People sow seeds, too. What kind of seeds do they sow?
Sometimes people sow bad seeds. Someone might have told you these words, “You’re no good.” Or “You’ll never amount to nothing.” Maybe they were dishonest. Maybe they didn’t honor their commitment. Maybe they were a bad influence.
Perhaps those types of seeds been sown into your life. Maybe it was from someone important to you.When someone sows bad seed in your life, that poisonous effect need not ruin your life, take charge of your life and sow good seed into your life by prophesying positively and by saying good things into your life, remember, the power of life and death lies in the tongue.]
So, the sower sows seeds into the various soils. And God the Father sows the seed of Jesus Christ into our lives so that we may not perish and that we may dwell with Him in heaven where he had gone to prepare a place for us.
What kind of seeds do we sow?
Words and actions: With our words and actions, we can sow good seeds into the lives of others. The kind of words that will build people up, the type of word that will give them confidence. The kind of words that will help shore up the weaknesses in their lives. The kind of words that will help them feel God’s love. The kind of words that will show them how important and precious they are.
Materials: With our materials, we can sow seed into the lives of others, you may not have much, but that little that you have, share, there’s a Yoruba adage that says, “Koto nkannioun so nidahun” meaning “it is too small is what makes you a miser”, if you say that you are not that rich or you don’t have that much, give just little out of that little that you have and you will see that reward comes after sowing.
In this covid – 19 lockdown, areas in which you can give materially include, money, foodstuff, clothes among other things. There are people that are suffering in silence, identify them and give them out of your widow’s mite
How do you sow seeds into the lives of others?
You must have seeds in your hands: The seed must be readily available in your hand before it can be thought of sowing seed, it could be in your house, in the bank or in your place of work. It must be readily available for disbursement.
You must have someone ready to receive: There can be no giver if there’s no receiver, you must have someone who is available, someone that needs what you want to give and is ready to receive, not everyone that need is ready to receive.
You must have a willing heart: Not everyone that want to give has a heart to give willingly. You must have a willing heart, give cheerfully and not grudgingly.
Because of coronavirus lockdown, there are lots of people that have been confined to their various homes as a result of the lockdown, many of them have their last meal to eat, some already ate their last meal hoping on heaven to send food to them, be that person that God will use to send help to these helpless.
By giving to these people in this time that they need, you are sowing a seed and your seed will germinate at the right time. But don’t ever think this kind of sowing of seed is like sowing seed of mango where you have to reap mango from that same tree.
The sowing of seed into human lives is different that when you sow seed into someone’s life, you will reap from another person because God Himself will reward you, sometimes in the same fold with which you sow, in different times, some other times, it could be in several folds at once in another place.
Sowing seed into someone’s life in this Coronavirus lockdown will save a lot of lives if each one of us can give our widow’s mite into just one person’s life, if you can sow into more lives, please do and God Himself will reward you accordingly, sow with a willing heart.
If you have a garden or a compound where you can plant, you can as well plant a seed in your compound, a seed that will remind you of this plague, a seed of hope, a seed of a better tomorrow.

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