We Need To Be Careful

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As the Coronavirus continues on its meteoric rise in the country, with threatening figures always increasing by the day, the fear of the virus seems to be gradually wearing off from peoples’ bones. Some already questioned the authenticity of the claim that the virus is in the country or that the virus has actually killed as much number as it is been posited to have killed.
Many have smelt a rat that the virus is another gimmick orchestrated by the government to loot the public treasury, with almost every state in the federation waking up one morning to announce an index case, with the exception of Kogi and cross river state who up till the moment of this write up have not recorded any case. At the moment however, no one can actually say anything as regards the above, due to the lack of factual evidence.
However one wouldn’t be held culpable to question why we are only shown figures and not the patients or where they are being treated, perhaps if this is done, it would keep many tongues calmly tucked in their mouth.
The past few days, the news that looms in Ebonyi is about the two cases of coronavirus that are in the state at the moment, which was actually announced by the governor Engr. Chief Dave Umahi. The news has received mixed feelings among the populace. While some are cuddled by fear, others have gone after their normal business as though nothing is happening, or perhaps many have just thought it a fairy tale that is quite far way. The truth of the matter is that we do not actually know. But if the government has announced that there are two cases of COVID 19 in the state, then common sense demands we believe them and therefore take precautions.
However, it is quite disheartening that presently in the state that a good number, even with the announcements and are not taking the necessary precautions, as some comfortably move about without their facemasks, with the news of the social distance becoming stale, people suffering selective amnesia as regards to the use of sanitizers, with almost everyone going about their normal business as though nothing is happening. This disposition is actually risky, this is actually the time we as a state need be more careful until this deadly breeze looming at the moment is over. Even as we continue to thank God for new vaccines being discovered as cure to the virus, we need actually to be very careful else we might all die before any help arrives.
The way forward is for the government of the state to make more effort in ensuring that people follow the guidelines stipulated to be followed in this pandemic. Even as we thank them for the efforts they have put in so far, they should however not relent now we have already fought the battle to the end. Thus, ensuring that anyone that leaves his or her home is kitted with the protective wears. They should not just focus on those moving to and fro in the international market, people walking about in the streets should actually protect themselves too, since the virus has no particular destination where it resides. If we are able to do our own bit effectively and if the government does theirs, God would not fail to mark his own lane. Heaven helps those who help themselves. Stay safe, happy new month.

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