Catholic Women Organization Give Palliatives to Members

By Ekene Alita. A

The faces of members of the Catholic Women Organization (CWO), St. Theresa Cathedral Abakaliki beamed with smiles On Wednesday the 6th May, 2020 as they gave palliatives to members, especially those of them who were incapacitated and bedridden.
This move was engineered by the executive members of the organization in union with their chaplain Rt. Rev. Msgr. Alphonsus Iwueke which was geared towards cushioning the effects of the marathon of lockdowns occasioned by the COVID 19 pandemic, which have left some of their members with nothing to feed on.

The executives and other representatives from the ten zones in the cathedral parish that constitute the organization were all present.
The incumbent President of the organization, Mrs. Cordelia Nwomeh in her speech, thanked all in attendance for their prompt response.
She said that the idea of extending the hands of goodwill had come after due consultation with their chaplain, Very Rev. Msgr. Alphonsus Iwueke.
“Considering the plight of many of our members who have been finding life so difficult since after the relocation from the Abakpa market to Magaret Umahi international market that took place not so long ago, this have pushed some of our members back to the village while some others are left to feed from hand to mouth.”

“Also with the emergence of coronavirus and the subsequent lockdowns, some of them are already feeling the pangs of hunger due to lack of work. So the palliative is a way of encouraging them to hold on and equally remain strong, with the hope that the pandemic would soon come to an end.”
Mrs. Nwomeh advised the women to make every effort to keep to the guidelines given by the government as a way of containing the virus, that they should not take the government directives lightly or do so at their own peril. She informed them of the great importance of staying in their homes and they should try to make more of phone calls than visiting people, as that may be detrimental to their loved ones perchance the person visited is a carrier of the virus.
“Please try and take the government precautions and try as much as possible to stay at home. arm yourselves with facemasks, at least let us do our own bit by taking the precautions given seriously and wait on God to do his own part. This can be achieved through prayers, especially the rosary, that is the only answer in these dark days” she warned.
The president of Catholic Men Organization (CMO), Mr. Iyke Okpara who paid a courtesy visit to the women thanked them for their goodwill that it is a good sign of the faith we profess. He urged them never to relent in their good works and equally to continually pray that our country would be better and habitable for everyone. Later on, the CMO President made a cash donation of N10,000 to the women on behalf of the CMO. The women thanked him for his kind gestures.
The palliatives which included rice and beans was shared according to the ten zones that make up the organization in the parish, with the palliative meant for each zone given to their executives or their representatives. Provisions was also made for the “Jesus Zone” which is composed of none members of the organization and those who are incapacitated or bedridden.

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