Letting Ideas Slip Away

There is something about ideas, they come when you least expect them. Ideas can come anywhere: in the bathroom, at the toilet, at the market, while you are working, walking, eating, dancing, listening to music, classroom, while chatting with friends. The list is limitless.
Ideas can be developed into anything; they come in different forms. It may be a business idea, a story idea, article, script, movie, amongst others.
There is however one funny thing about ideas, they don’t stay. Like birds, they fly and perch, then take off. It comes like seasons. Like the electricity in Nigeria, it comes and goes, sometimes never the same current. So the best is to capture these ideas when they come, cage them and develop them whenever you are ready.
This is what most people fail to understand, thus they let ideas slide. Sometimes ideas come back and flirt with your memories, other times they fly far away. How then do you hold these ideas? What do you do when you sit down to pen down your thoughts and all you see in your head is a blank page?
They are four basic ways you can do this.
1. Make a mental note: Note down means to write something down hurriedly. There are places you will be and no access to paper so what do you do? You make a mental note of your thoughts. The disadvantage however is that this might still slip from your mind. So as soon as you get a book, write it down. If your procrastinate, you may lose that idea forever.
2. Write them down: I will tell you something important to do when it comes to putting your ideas down. The first is to get a jotter, this jotter may serve as primary or secondary writing post (depends on if you use sticky notes or not). It’s better to have this Jotter with you all the time, as you will be able to write down any idea that come not withstandingyour location. Sticky notes is another great way of documenting your ideas. If you have your own space, I suggest you get a small board and hang it on the wall on any suitable side of the room. Buy sticky notes and once these ideas come, you can write them down and stick them to the board. If you can’t afford sticky notes, buy carbonpaper, cut it into square shaped small pieces, get a pin and attach them on the board once you have written on them. It will save you cost of buying sticky notes.
3. Type on your phone: The truth is that most people are always with their phone including me. They take it to school, to the toilet, bathroom, market, practically every where they are going to. You can type this ideas on your phone when they come and transfer them either to your jotter or sticky notes when you get home. They are many writing apps you can download including WPS, DIARY, MS WORD, and so on. Get one and use it to type your ideas whenever your jotter is not close by.
4. Record: If you are too lazy to type on your phone, then use your voice recorder. For people who forget their lines whenever they sit down to write. Record these thoughts as they come and transcribe to your paper. You see honey, technology has made everything easy. You have no excuse.
What are the benefit of hugging your ideas tight ?
Like I said earlier ideas don’t stay. So catch them when you can. For people who write articles daily, weekly or monthly, you will never run out of whate to write if you keep record of ideas. Content creators who note down there ideas always find it easier to come up with something creative and valuable. Though you may not have money at the moment, keeping record of those business ideas will help you make a better choice and come up with a plan to execute it. Keep record, that idea which may not be useful today may come in handy tomorrow.
It’s better to live well, set goals, be happy, be fulfilled, than to walk through life like a zombie without achieving anything.
Remember, none of us is leaving here alive.

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