Darkness Looms

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We are in hard times, every corner of the future looks bleaks. The pandemic is indeed taking a great toll on everyone. Some people now feed from hand to mouth, because there is no steady source of income, worsened by the closed doors of some who in fear of the virus have tucked themselves behind their doors. While some others who cannot risk dying of hunger flood the streets, some of them coming out unprotected that is without their facemasks. Even those that come out with theirs, one does not fail to notice how worn out and soiled they have become. This points to one simple fact, that people now use the facemask as a pass, so that they are not disturbed and so never take into consideration, the very hygiene of what they put on. On the part of some of those in charge in ensuring with the compliance of putting on facemasks, they do let you pass once they see a thin clothing dangling round your neck. This indeed is of serious concern.
The coronavirus has continued in its global tour relentlessly. As at Friday the 15 of May, 2020 , the total number of confirmed cases in Nigeria was at 5,162. The total number of death was 167; and the total number of the discharged was at 1,180. This is a source for great worry, because its seems each new day gifts us unprecedented numbers to deal with. This gives credence to the fact that the government is not yet effectively taking the bulls by the horn, else while would each new day frighten life out of our marrows due to the huge number that pops up. Why would people flood the streets without giving a hoot to the guidelines of social distancing, wearing mask or staying at home, if they have the wherewithal. For so long we have talked about palliatives, but it is obvious not so many have not gotten anything from the government as palliatives. Even the paltry sum of what is been given as palliative to individuals would be just enough to feed them for lunch, then the next day they flood the street. It would be herculean given the people what would fully satisfy them, but then it would not be so difficult giving them what will sustain them for a while.
Ebonyi state at the moment records nine confirmed cases of the virus. This is indeed a cause for great worry. Though these people were allegedly caught before they crossed the border, which is of course quite commendable. But to be realistic here, we cannot sweep under the carpet or fail to imagine that some carriers might have possibly sneaked in and no one ever caught them. We cannot deny the fact that people come into this state every now and then. What happens if a carrier was able to pass undetected. This is very possible and in such a case it spells doom. For if the wind of the virus should actually sweep though this state, we may not actually survive it given the way we are living at the moment.
Even as we commend the government so far for their efforts, we should however not fail to remind them of the danger that looms should any carrier or some carriers, escape the lips of the state boundaries. Those placed at the different boundaries, should also bear in mind, that many lives are at risk should by any act of deliberate or serious oversight a carrier enters the state. So it should not be an avenue for making quick money, for the many lives here are at stake. Ebonyi is not too large for the corona virus if by chance it infiltrates. Therefore, our borders should at all times remain air tight, for that is the major possible means for the virus to steal into the state. So we should bear in mind at all times that thousands of facemasks or bathing in the Jordan of sanitizers would not save us if this dreaded disease steps its foot in this place. We hope for the best. God bless Nigeria, God bless Ebonyi State. May he always keep us safe.

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