Did God Create Adam And Steve? (2)

By Akindoyin Aanuoluwapo

God’s creation in the beginning was beautiful and awesome to behold. He made the woman as a companion to a man, to complement him and serve as helpmeet unto him.
Those that made up their mind to take up the life of being homosexuals have gotten it all wrong and they may not be able to enjoy the blessings that follows the commandment.
In separate interviews with a nurse and a psychologist, they opined that those who are into the acts of homosexuality are against God’s commandments for human beings
According to Nurse Adeyemo Opeyemi in her opinion, she said God knew Eve was the perfect match for Adam in the beginning, that was why Eve was created and not Steve.
She said, “Yes God create both but Steve was not created in the beginning. At creation according to human genealogy in the bible, it was only Adam and along the run He said it is not good for a man to be alone so He gave him a companion Eve to be his help mate and procreate.”
“If God did not see the need for Eve He would have create Steve as Adam’s companion not as Adams offspring after 1000s of years because we can’t even find that name “Steve” in the bible. So everything that God did not ordain in the beginning is an error.”

“To me, the trending version of Adam and Steve that has lead to lesbianism and gay is an error which will end in destruction to whoever is into this because those that did it in the bible in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah were utterly destroyed without remedy starting from here on earth with Sexually transmitted diseases, anal cancer among others and in heaven which is eternal damnation.”
“My earnest prayer for those that are into this is that the Lord will open their eye to see their error and run back to God, for our God is merciful and ever ready to receive whoever is willing to come to Him.”
In another interaction with a psychologist, John Florence,
In psychology, we have what we call nature and nurture, by nature, when a child is born he/she has a trait of the parent, by nurture, as the child grows, the child gets to be influenced by the environment and the people that surrounds that child.
“For instance in Africa, we have belief and culture whereby when a chld is growing up, he/she dare not to say that I am a gay or lesbian. In an African culture it is an abomination that shouldn’t be mentioned not to talk of being heard outside.”
“But in the white man’s culture, the freedom given to the child is what cause such and because of the environment that they find themselves, so, they feel liberal and feel free to be whatever they want to be. In school, you see a child of 10 or 11 years being encouraged by their parent that they can be whatever they want to be, that’s why some of them later in life or early in their life come out to say they are lesbian or they are gay. This a nature/ nuture influence that are the basic causes of being gays or lesbians.”
“The bible said God created man and woman which is Adam and Eve, from the book of creation, there is nothing like Adam and Steve. I’ve never come across it in the bible where it is written in the bible that a man marries a man.”
“When someone tells you that he/she is created gay or lesbian could be caused by environmental influence or maybe what their mind tells them or what the society tells them, but there’s nobody that was created to be a gay or a lesbian.”
“A man marrying a man or a woman marrying a woman is a psychological defect, they are not psychologically ok.”
“The only way out is to find out who you really are and some are aethist, this is part of the problem that causes this same sex marriage, because when you realize that there is God, you will go to the manual of life which is the bible and the bible will help you and direct you to the truth.”
“We can overcome having more gays and lesbians in our society by training our children in the ways of the Lord from the start and you also need to teach the child to love whom God created them to be, they should be self content in the sex God created them with and not feeling empty.”

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