Go Quality, Go Expensive

I have always wondered why people think that expensive things are greater in quality than the less expensive ones. In some cases this may not be true but in most cases it is. For instance, though the clothes you bought in boutique may be more expensive than the one you both by the road side woman who sells in a container, the former may be of the same qualitywith the latter. So why was the one at the boutique more expensive? This is because packaging matter to people. Wrap a gold in a sachet water nylon and an Iron in a beautiful wrapping paper and see which one everyone will go for. Packaging matters in everything. How you present whatever you so is how people will see it. People who buy clothes in a boutique rather than the road side are looking for confortability. They want to be able to test the clothes, find one that fits them. They want the Air condition to keep them warm while they wait for their order to be completely. So they are not just paying for the clothes but for comfortability.
Branding is one of the most sort after skills this 2020. People are training as brand strategists who help you bring your business to the right audience. They help you figure out your audience and how to get to them. Since over half of the world is online right now, branding uses digital marketing to offer it’s services. Web content creating, copywriting all fall under the branding umbrella.
Brand strategist evaluate your business plan and figure a way to help you grow. Of course, they charge you for the services but you will be happy you did when you you see the results.
So if you cannot at the moment afford a brand strategist to help you grow your business. Or you feel like its not necessary considering the location of your business, there us another option. This is selling your business by yourself and letting people know what you do. Follow me please, this is very simple. You cannot claim to be a tailor when your wardrobe is filled to the brim with Already made clothes. You cannot claim to sell quality baby wears when your children wear tattaered clothes. You cannot claim to be a hairdresser when you oh ur hair is always shabby. You cannot claim to sell materials for sewing clothes when you don’t wear sewed clothes. You cannot claim to sell earrings when you never wear earrings. You cannot claim to be a video editor when you don’t share videos of your work with others. You cannot claim to be a brand strategist when you aren’t even handling your own brand well. You cannot claim to be anything without proof. We need you to market yourself. You need to shamelessly sell yourself. Talk about it to everyone you meet, everywhere and anywhere. Truth is even if you don’t get customers right then, you have embedded yourself in people’s mind. If tomorrow they need such services they know who to call on.
Your action needs to speak louder than your words. If you are a tailor, sew great styles for yourself, wear them. When people compliment you and ask on how they can get one, direct them to your shop.
Moreover you need to keep your space in other. If you strategise well and put your business in order as it should be then people won’t have a problem with paying for your services. Everyone needs a business they can trust so show them they can trust you.

I know I don’t do this all the time but I decided to let you know today. You sure have never seen this side of me. So I’m taking the same advice I gave you above “selling myself shamelessly”. Being a Copywriter who work with an agency that focuses on helping young brands (businesses) in Africa grow, I will be offering you branding tips from time to time.
Remember that saying that you are addressed how you dress? Yeah, it comes into business too. So package yourself well, let people know what you are good at. It’s your life, own it.
Don’t forget, none of us is leaving here alive!

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