Pastor Nabbed For Attempted Murder

By Madonna Nwani

But for divine Providence, a 28 year old man, Fidelis Chukwuka would have been lynched by irate mob in Abakaliki for demanding his money from a “pastor”.
Fidelis alleged that the self acclaimed pastor of a church, Oke Wilson from Okwuoma in Oshiegbe, Ezza North Local Government Area, accosted him at a motor park while arriving from Anambra State where he was a trading apprentice. He set out to “prophesy” to him about his life which sounded real. He also told him that his master would end up not settling him after his apprenticeship. And also gave him a deliverance prayer which would precipitate a noticeable aura of efficacy.
With these proofs, he was taken in to believe Wilson was God sent and trusted him wholeheartedly. True to Wilson’s prediction, his master soon sent him packing empty- handed.
Upon signing up for another apprenticeship, Pastor Wilson advised him to surreptitiously filch his master’s money and save it in his (Wilson) account.
After about two years of saving with over N2m in the pastor’s account, he sought to retrieve it from Wilson to chart a new course but met a brick wall.
Fidelis said, “When I told him to give me back the money, he asked me to be patient; that he used the money to contest students’ election at Unwana Polytechnic with a hope of winning and making money, but he failed.
My persistent pressure on him over the money made him invite me over to his place; after about two days, he asked me to accompany him to Enugu where he hoped to retrieve some old debt and pay me.
When we reached Abakaliki, he told me at Presco junction that he would give me transport money to go back home and that when he gets back from Enugu, he would send for me.
When I refused and insisted on getting my money from him, he raised alarm that I snatched his phone and the mob here descended on me with severe ferocity.
I was on the point of giving up the ghost when God provided a redeemer from neighborhood watch man who rescued me.”
Speaking to Citizens’ Advocate, the neighborhood watch person, Mr. Ogidi Sunday of Disco 12, Haraca unit Abakaliki collaborated Fidelis’ story.
He said he was passing by when he was attracted by a commotion. He was moved by the plea of innocence by the victim and moved to save him.
“We are deployed to save lives and not to take one. Our duty is to help other conventional law enforcement Agencies to maintain peace and order. Remarkably, we are closer to the grassroots and so do a lot in this regard.”
Also speaking, the accused “pastor” Wilson said he picked the victim up while roaming the street and moved to pray for him after seeing his condition.
That Fidelis actually had problem with head of vigilante group in his area and he wanted to help settle him in Abakaliki, but was hampered by lack of fund. He took him in for some time, requesting N50,000 from him for accommodation hiring. The death of his grandmother also affected him badly. When he pleaded for patient from him and he kept harassing him, that was why he raised alarm of theft against him.
He also claimed the N65,000 he earlier collected from him and another N50,000 was for tithe and his upkeep.
Also that he was still prepared to pray for Fidelis to overcome his problem.
They were both whisked away by the police for further investigation.

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