The Forbidden Fruit With The Evil Content Of Atheism And Coronavirus With Death

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By Msgr. PatrickMary Anene Mmuo

Eating the forbidden fruit that has both good – (God), – and evil – (atheism); from the garden of Eden, and the factory: science laboratory, electricity, atomic power, the internet, war, abortion, and robot-men without souls.
The Garden of Eden is the place of origin of this discourse. God, the Creator had established this Garden for mankind to inhabit and enjoy while doing the assigned work of tending the earth until God would come to bring them up to his own permanent heavenly home. He gave Adam and Eve, the first inhabitants of the Garden, everything in it to eat, except one fruit that contained both good and evil together, because the evil element in it would bring death to man. Everything God created was good because all had God in them, but the forbidden fruit also had the evil characteristic of Negation of God which would make a man to be deprived of God, lifeless or dead. Adam and Eve, the first humans and the progenitors of humanity and all mankind, ate the forbidden fruit of Atheism or Godlessness. Because of this, humanity got the characteristic of death or the quality of dying. Their progenitors got expelled from the Garden of life into the wilderness of death in the open wild world, to live there while striving to return to life in the Garden in order to regain happiness and meaning in their being. Therefore, mankind began to wallow in stress, pain, poverty, suffering and ultimate death. Men stayed in this condition for thousands of years after man’s creation.
Subsequently, God took pity on humanity and mankind, and mercifully revealed to them in stages, the ways to lessen their burdens and suffering, and ease their labors. Holy Scripture, the Bible, narrates some of the earlier events of God’s interventions for man’s physical welfare. Some of them are in the stories about Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus. In all these stories God’s assistance to mankind in all men’s affairs and for all men are narrated.
God’s Interventions In Modern Times
In more recent times, God’s intervention in human material welfare began to occur with the Industrial Revolution in England and Europe. God inspired the discovery of the mechanical means of labor using machines to do the more tedious works to supply the needs of the people. Labor became easier and more productive and lucrative through the use of machines and engines, petroleum, electric power, and atomic energy. Earthly life became more enjoyable.
Men went further to develop more, the electronic devices up to the internet, and most recently the robot-men workers without souls, in order to remove human labor completely so that men would only have leisure and enjoyment in the world. Men grab and enjoy this situation avidly.
The Territorial Expansion
Concurrent with these developments, move lands got discovered in North and South America, Australia and further north of the globe. Then, the unknown parts of Africa and Asia got to be known and explored by more and more people of Europe until the world has become a ‘global town’ for all humans.
On The Moral Plane
Men also began to develop their own moral and social systems in order to annul the system God had established in the Garden of Eden for all humanity and mankind. Some decreed that men could ‘marry’ men and women ‘marry’ women! They encouraged the uncontrolled enjoyment of the sexual appetite and desire without connecting it with establishment of the family and the upbringing of children for continuity of the human species on earth, as intended by God at the beginning of creation. They also permit that abortion could be practiced for some selfish comfort or other reasons, often with the legal assistance of the community. All these were done to ensure the pleasure of the subjects as obtained from the fruits of the resources of the earth. They call this practice FREEDOM! Thus, God and his own commands have been forgotten, or abandoned, denied, or totally rejected as non-existent (Atheism). Men have become atheists in their minds, actions and works. This aura has engulfed the whole modern world, with only relatively a few men desperately rejecting and opposing it.
Eating The Forbidden Fruit
In this situation, one would ask, “Is humanity and all mankind eating again, the forbidden Fruit of the Garden of Eden which is now replaced by the whole modern world? Have the modern men eaten that fruit that contains the evil of Godlessness and Death. Could the whole modern world have stood as the Garden of Eden with “man” now become “men” eating the Forbidden Fruit, denying God and consuming Death in the Corona Virus in 2019-2020; that Corona Virus whose deadly works all mankind are now experiencing all over the world?” The Corona Virus reminds all mankind in the world now, the original state of their being, and warns against a repetition of such a calamity on a much larger scale as the whole modern world, even now that a lesson should have been learned from the first disaster in the Garden of Eden. This calls for ‘metanoia’, – a total change of heart, a complete conversion of heart, from every human being on earth today!
Meanwhile, all those who have rejected the forbidden fruit of Atheism and Materialism, and are clinging to God in his Son Jesus, whom he has sent to rescue and redeem all humanity from perpetual death through their believing in him and in his God-given message of man’s Resurrection after death, are sharing in the unfortunate disasters caused by all modern men by their invitation of the Corona Virus to the world again through the sins of Atheism and Materialism, with the consequent hatred, falsehood, lying, terrorism and war, abortion, division, segregation and discrimination, and all the other forms of abomination.
The Hope And Salvation Of The Modern World
The Hope that sustains the modern men in the world now is only God in his truth , goodness and love for humanity and all mankind united in him. This hope will kill death in the Corona Virus which brings death to all men in the world now. It will make the efforts which honest men are making against the Corona Virus to be effective and life saving. It with make modern men to hate, reject and abolish war, arms and ammunitions, discrimination, terrorism and violence, and all actions that kill the human life or harm it deliberately. It will induce greater love for the earth’s environment and the readiness and actions to improve it for men’s enjoyment.
The Economy and Politics-driven world (the “Econopolitics World) without God – this atheistic creation of men in the modern world, has to develop a system of social life that appropriately enthrones God in the heart of man and in the world at large – the world which God alone created good, and gave over to all mankind.
It would be commendable for the U.N.O. members of the world’s G8 nations, and all the other Leaders of the great nations of the modern world, to reflect on these truths and principles for application in their deliberations and actions for the welfare and happiness of all their countrymen and all of mankind living in the modern era of world history. These truths and principles could be applied in individual countries and coordinated by the U. N. O. In council, or together in the U. N. O. In council.

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