Covid-19: Ebonyi Cases Increase To 13

…No Amajiris’ in Ebonyi State- Umahi

By Esther Nworie

Ebonyi State Governor has announced 5 new cases of Coronavirus making the total number in the state to 13 with Izzi clan having the highest number.
One case was recorded in Ikwo, a boy from Odenigbo Okpuitumo Ikwo who was returning from Lagos and was intercepted at the border.
Umahi said all the patients were returnees from epicenter States.
“We have recorded 13 coronavirus cases shockingly and surprisingly in Ebonyi state now. The first treatment centre has a total of 26 facility rooms and in the next seven days, we will be opening ultramodern emergency hospital ward we constructed, but now, we are turning it to 300-bed isolation centre here in Abakaliki. It doesn’t look like any in this country and I will like people to go and see it.”
“I want to commend Mr. President in the manner and wisdom he is handling this pandemic. You see, when the lockdown was there the cases were coming in strictly but when the lockdown was relaxed, the cases are coming in surprising manner. It is Nigerians that will advise themselves to isolate, to be careful.”
“I expect another serious lockdown if the cases continue to increase like this and this will be by consensus agreement of the general public. We have to lockdown to defeat this monster that is called convid-19.”
Meanwhile, Ebonyi State Governor, Engr. David Umahi Wednesday maintained that there is no space for the Amajiri in the State contrary to reports on the social media that there was Exodus of the people from the north to the State.
Umahi, made this known in Abakaliki during his weekly State wide broadcast.
He urged the security operatives to ensure that there is no influx of the Amajiri in the state.
Umahi who lamented that Fulani cows have taken over the new Government house at the centenary City, challenged security agents in the state to distance the cows from blocking his office.
Umahi said, “We will not be afraid to say that there will not be Amajiris in Ebonyi state and I commend the Northern Governors who told the Almajiris to go back to their state of origin. So, why will the youths that want us to fight take to social media to start saying that Amajiris are coming to South East that they should be allowed to come in.”
“Is it part of the social distancing? We will not allow Amajiris in Ebonyi state. Ebonyi will not allow Amajiris, they should go to their state of origin. We have to as a people to begin to tell ourselves the truth.”
“I have directed the Chief security officer to meet with the security people. Please I don’t want to see any cow within the premises of the centenary city. How can I be struggling with cows to come into government?”
“Please, in the entire centenary city, I don’t want to see any cow. Not just government house, anywhere that is called centenary city; international market, the mall. This is insulting. So, security people should meet with the cattle rearers whether it is Hausa cows or Igbo cows because I can also see some Igbo cows and I don’t want to see it again.”
“Anyone we see, we’ll move them to court to get order of the court to auction it. So, we will not see that again, we will not allow that again.”

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