Girl 13, Escapes Rape In Abakaliki

By Okereke Wilson Ogbonnaya and Nwogha Ndubuisi Andy

A-13 year old girl (name withheld by us), a resident of Ekwulumiri Street, penultimate weekend was allegedly saved from a suspected rapist by members of Elite Security Organization along Afikpo Road in Abakaliki.
Narrating the incident, the victim told us that on the fateful morning, she was called by the alleged rogue inside the premises of the deserted Ezikwo Primary School that situates within the area because of the lockdown and the man requested that she should help him to buy N10 chewing gum.
She disclosed that initially due to the man’s composure, she was not apprehensive of anything but rather she went for the errand only to come back and encountered twist of fate in the process of delivering the chewing gum.
According to her, after the man of about 40 years had sighted her coming back, he went inside one of the empty classrooms and upon her arrival, the suspect started persuading her to come in and hand over the item to him but immediately she sensed that something was fishy, she refused and dropped the chewing gum at the doorstep.
She further told us that after she had turned to go back home, suddenly the man grabbed her, forceful took her into the structure and began to undress her and in her quest to release herself from the grip, she bit the man but when the man didn’t release her after biting him, she started screaming.
It was her scream that called the attention of the security guards who rushed into the school and saved her, when the rapist noticed the presence of the men within the premises, he jumped fence and ran away.
She narrated, “When the man sent me initially, I did not envisage any unholy act until after I came back when he began to persuade me to meet him inside the class which I objected and as soon as he observed my insistence and found out that I was about to leave, he rushed and grabbed me from behind and took me inside one of the buildings, while I was screaming, some security guards rushed in and aborted the man’s evil plan”, she explained.
One of the guards, Mr. Emmanuel Ifeanyi Mbam told us that at first, he noticed the play-like struggle between the girl and the assumed rapist around 8:00 am and to enable him satisfy his curiosity, he stopped and found out the meanness in the girl’s effort.
According to the guard, after he had seen act of criminality in their struggle, he contacted his colleague whom they jointly rescued the girl but missed arresting the man as he scaled the school fence before they could advance to the scene of the averted incident.
“Immediately the man saw us rushing towards him and the girl, he fled for his life, we would have made official complaint at police station but we could not get him arrested or ascertain his identity, we only took the girl to her parents” he said.

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