We Must Learn To Live With Coronavirus

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For the past few months the word that has graced every lips is the corona virus. Each day we have both threatening and intimidating numbers of persons who have caught the virus and those who have died due to the virus. Every part of the part of the globe felt the impact of the global tour of this novel virus, cudgeling both the strength of the powerful nations of the world and tramping down the puny strengths of the weaker nations. Yet relentlessly, even in the face of the seeming indefatigable nature of the virus, all hands were on deck in battling, all in a bid to contain it, and forestall the further spreading of its poisonous fangs in the globe.
Despite these efforts, it still appears the corona virus is unrelenting. Even with the good news from countries like Italy and Madagascar on having discovered the vaccine for the virus, the statistics that continually pop up in our news outlets especially in this part of the world are particularly threatening. But a closer look at the world today one notices another air that is flooding in, and that is the air of reluctant acceptance, of people tightening their bootstraps and accepting the obvious reality that confronts them. the air of despair is gradually easing out and people have come to accept the reality of the corona virus as something they cannot but live with just like HIV and other diseases that on their arrival scared lives out of peoples bones.
In our country Nigeria today one does not fail to notice this new air easing in, as people even with the marathon of incessant lockdowns still find ways to fend for themselves, even to the extent of defying the guidelines given by health workers. This is for the simple reason, that though we be on lockdown hunger may not be on lockdown, thus the breaking of all fronts by the citizens. The simple truth that Nigerians have come to realize is that the virus has obviously come to stay, coupled with the seeming insincerity of those dishing out statistics that show the persons already infected by the virus. The reality we are confronted with is that there is a virus, we may not know the exact number of those infected, but then, we cannot continue to put our lives on hold because of the virus, else we all die of hunger.
Owing to the above and coupled with the disruption the pandemic has caused in different sectors, the best solution now is not to put our lives on hold, sit tight and helplessly watch time tick in a bid to obey the lockdown rules. The best solution now is the strategize on how best to live with the virus and still carry on with our lives. Some countries of the world have come to the realization of this fact and are already working towards it, so as to keep their economy going .
The above is of course a more proactive approach to the continuous menace of this virus that is actually hacking breathe out of peoples veins, rather than doing nothing we should strive to make our lives meaningful amid the throes. So there is need to open up our schools, businesses and other sectors and strategize on ways to manage the virus, since it seems obvious that the eradication of the virus is not so near. So like other disease that have come like the Ebola, Lassa fever, HIV and the rest, we must learn to live with this particular one. So it is high time we took a proactive stance rather the present reactive stance we are taking at the moment. Our lives may never remain the same in this pandemic, but losing our lives and just flowing with the tide is never an option, for desperate times sometimes demand desperate measures. Stay safe and pray hard, corona virus is real, we may not know how many affected but we the truth that stares us all in the face is that it is here with us.

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