A Call For Restraint

Ezza Ezekuna Patriotic Front, an umbrella association of detribalized sons and daughters of Ezza Ezekuna who are committed to the collective and common good of the entire Ebonyi State has followed the development of events in our dear Ebonyi State since creation through 2015 till now.
After a critical review of those events, Ezza Ezekuna Patriotic Front found many genuine reasons to glorify and praise Almighty God for His benevolence in giving us Ebonyi State and blessing the young state with humane and patriotic leaders whose respective stewardships were anchored on diligent pursuit of the will of God for Ebonyi people, the development of Ebonyi State and the happiness of her citizenry.
In particular, Ezza Ezekuna Patriotic Front invites all Ebonyians to join her in the celebration and support of the administration of the generalissimo and personification of Ebonyi journey of development; and the leader who occupies the pinnacle of the ladder of performing governors in the histories of Ebonyi State, the Nigerian federation and the African continent – His Excellency, Apostle David Nweze Umahi FNSE, FNATE.
Specifically, Ezza Ezekuna Patriotic Front invites Ebonyi people to appreciate the quantum and forward leaps of Ebonyi State from an obscure rural state to an upwardly mobile state and hub of modern agro and infrastructural revolutions signified by rigid pavement roads, modern flyovers, the largest waste recycling plant, an international market, biomass power-generation project, an international airport, a functional education system, food security, industrial clusters, a dependable security network, a functional healthcare delivery system et cetera, envied by all and copied by many other states who strive to develop.
Ezza Ezekuna Patriotic Front invites all and sundry across political, religious and philosophical divides to join hands together and give appreciative and sacrificial support to the Divine Mandate administration of His Excellency, Engr. David Nweze Umahi, which has achieved those developmental exploits and more through frugal management of the slim income profile of young Ebonyi State where every sector is competing for priority attention.
In view of the foregoing and the recent crossfire of intemperate communications by Ebonyi citizens, Ezza Ezekuna Patriotic Front is appealing to the opposition in Ebonyi State and all other persons who had wanted a different approach to governance, or whose private expectations might have not been met in the priority cluster which Ebonyi State has been, to put the collective will of Ebonyi people above minor and private emotions.
In essence, Ezza Ezekuna Patriotic Front hereby urged those on either side of the currently trending high-tempered communications in Ebonyi State and, indeed, every citizen of Ebonyi State to restrain him or herself from actions or communications capable of threatening the public peace and unity of Ebonyi State and her people. In all we do, we should remember that restraint is the better part of valour; and that we have no other state to call our own except Ebonyi State – Salt of the Nation.
Ezza Ezekuna Patriotic Front hereby declares her unflinching support for the performing administration of His Excellency, Engr. David Nweze Umahi, and vows to do everything within the precincts of law to protect the administration from unwarranted distractions or attacks from anybody or group of people.
Long live Ezza Ezekuna Patriotic Front!
Long live Ebonyi State!

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