Commissioner for Educations Address To Children on 27th May, 2020

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Good day Children of Ebonyi State, happy children’s day celebration. I on behalf of the Ministry of Education and all the parastatals including Universal Basic Education and Secondary Education Board wish you happy children’s day.
We sincerely regret that we are wishing you this children’s day while you all are at home. Under normal circumstance, I wouldn’t be wearing face mask to talk to you, rather playing and hugging you on this your celebration day, but we understand challenges we are in today, which are challenges of COVID 19 Pandemic.
The message for you all in this challenging moment of Coronavirus and Nigeria Children’s Day is to keep safe while you celebrate, ensure you maintain all the precautionary measures including social distancing, at least three fits from your fellow children irrespective of gender. You must be a well behaved child who knows how to play and enjoy your childhood along with others particularly on yours celebration day.
We encourage parents and guardians to provide every opportunity they can to ensure that their children remain safe and enjoy their time as a child. We regret the challenge of the period, however, as a ministry; we have taken measures to tackle some of these challenges to ensure that we provide you education as much as we can through the approval of His Excellency our dear Governor Engr. Dr. David Nweze Umahi FNSE FNATE.
The Ebonyi Radio TV programme, which we call EB-RTV Teacher have been approved and from 6th of April 2020. We have been on air both Radio and Television to use the best of our teachers to provide education to our children as both UBEB and SEB are working in energy with my office to ensure that we give you the best education you deserve. We will provide you teaching in all the subjects you suppose to be doing under normal circumstance in your Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Education.
We encourage you to listen to the Ebonyi Radio TV Teacher programme and take the assignments that are given to you by the teacher at the end of each lesson.
We encourage you Parents to buy EB-RTV Teacher note book where your children can take the note and do the assignment their teacher will give them, that will form assessment that will help their teachers move them to next class when schools reopen. For the time being, the Ministry of Education is providing them education online education via electronic Media.
We also have provided opportunity for your children to call back to teachers every Saturday during interactive session; a period where your children will call-in or parents call on behalf of your children for EB-RTV teachers in the studio to answer questions your children may be looking forward for answer text messages to the phone numbers we provided.
In all, we encourage our children at home in this challenging period not to forget to read their books. Parents should not think that sit down at home is the end of education. It is the beginning of thinking out the best method of learning outside classrooms, providing us the information on education paradigm shift.
Therefore, all hands must be on the desk including parents, guardians and teachers, all of us have to play a role to ensure the continued education of the children of Ebonyi State. It is not just the role of teachers; it is also the role of parents, guardians and the society in general. I call upon the Traditional Rulers, Town Union Leaders and all stakeholders in our various communities to provide assistance they can monster to the children of Ebonyi State.
We encourage all of us to invest in the future of Ebonyi State by promoting education, making donations toward the continued education of our children, you can donate books, or any necessary material to the ministry of Education through which we can distribute to our children.
As we celebrate the 2020 Nigeria Children’s Day in Ebonyi State, the address of His Excellency and the message is that we should not fear, the state will continue to care for you all and ensure that your future is guaranteed irrespective of the challenges we are having under COVID 19.
Thank you so much and may God bless you all.

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