Covid-19: Version Of God’s Present Intervention To Save All Modern Men

By Msgr. PatrickMary Anene Mmuo

Since literacy began in the world, records of the interventions of God in the affairs of mankind in various epochs of the human communities have been preserved. During the period of the Biblical literatures these writings have been done through the instrumentality of God-inspired writers. They are the most reliable records of the interventions of God in human history. All of them clearly show the love and mercy of God for humanity and mankind in spite of men’s depravity in evil-doing even against themselves.
Among these accounts a most illustrative example is the case of the Great Flood at the time of Noah when the whole world, including all animals, almost got totally wiped out of the earth by drowning. Only Noah, a just man, with his family of eight people were spared through God’s intervention. God intervened in order to preserve and continue the existence of the human species on earth. Before this disastrous worldwide horror occurred, God had given men repeated warnings and had given opportunities for men to repent of their evil-doing and thereby avoid the disaster. They had been warned to turn away from Satan and return to their loving, merciful and forgiving God, and gain their salvation. But the men of that time had persisted in their sin and apostasy from God, and behaved like the followers of Satan in the spiritual realm, who persisted in disobedience, pride, hatred and disunity. Those evil spirits transferred this evil into the world of human beings. God’s interventions to prevent men from following their evil deeds had been frequent, but had repeatedly failed to achieve full success even though God still helped to preserve the world in order to allow all mankind to share in God’s goodness, kindness, mercy and favors up to the modern time.
God’s Intervention for Men’s Welfare in Modern Time through the Coronavirus Covid -19 War on all Modern Men
Today, the intervention of God to save humanity and mankind in the modern world is clearly manifested in the occurrence of the Coronavirus Pandemic War on all mankind. In this case the sins of men and their hardness of heart in abandoning God, are clearly seen. God alone created the world and gave it over to mankind to develop, enjoy and acknowledge his love for men, but men had begun to cling to his material gifts and to disobey his commands. Up to this period in human history, men are clinging more to God’s material gifts abandoning God the giver who wants men to come to him.
It is men’s greed and scrambling for God’s material gifts that has led some people in their science laboratories to produce the war-faring virus called ‘Corona’, to attack all men on earth today with quick, painful death! Without any weapons and without mercy or respect for human life and dignity, the virus is killing every person without exception, irrespective of race, or nationality, or social rank or honors, or religious or political denomination, or any other thing. This virus has disgraced the proud modern men! It gives only a few days to kill men and forbids association or help from fellowmen, thereby threatening the very sources of livelihood for men. What an insult to the proud atheists in the modern world, by a thing produced by men who can no longer control the thing!!
But this accidental calamity has created the rare opportunity for all men to retire in silence and learn of God’s love and kindness for all men by ways of indiscriminate acceptance and love for all men, as the truly right way to imitate for everybody’s genuine happiness. All men should now realize that it is foolish and futile to try to use falsehood and insincerity, hatred, force, oppression and destruction of fellowmen, to obtain the desires of the human heart. Thus, a better order of organization of society and human relationships, should emerge from the experiences gained in overcoming the Corona Virus.
However, in spite of this situation, the atheists among men are still clinging to their struggle for personal human supremacy in the world, in order to get and control all the materials and resources in the whole world! The Economy and Politics are the main fields of their rivalry. In order to conquer, they require soldiers and weapons which kill human beings in much more horrible and massive numbers than those ways in which the Corona Virus is doing. They invented the virus but are now desiring and striving to annihilate it, but are doing worse harm to all mankind than the Virus! They might succeed in overcoming the virus, but perhaps after first destroying their own weapons of mass, quick, painful and disgraceful deaths for their selected enemies among fellowmen.
The modern world is now experiencing the greatest intervention of God in human history, to save mankind and improve the response of humanity and all men to his love, forgiveness and kindness for man.
Because of the necessity and urgency involved in the situation in the world now, this very important appeal is made to all the Leaders of the Countries of China, Russia, the Countries of the Middle East and Mediterranean Regions, the U.S.A, the European Union, the U.A.R; the U.N.O., the W.H.O., and all the Leaders of the World’s greatest Nations, to turn to God in their minds and hearts in their dealings with all affairs involving ALL MANKIND, beginning with their own nations. Would they please turn to God for the sake of their peoples, and pity the poor, innocent people who are the worst affected by wrong and evil-doing due to departure from the GOOD GOD OF ALL CREATION. It is necessary to plan and destroy the weapons which kill men in ways worse than the Corona Virus does, so that all men would live and work together, annihilate the Corona virus, and win its current Pandemic World War against all mankind on earth. This duty is in their charge, and if they succeed in doing it they will surely be recognized among the greatest men of modern world history; but if they fail, the blame for the tragic event of horrible losses of precious human lives, and the suffering of all the peoples of the world of this age in world history, will be recorded against them in history.

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