Mine The Gold

I was using my towel to dry my body when this dropped in my mind. Imagine God forgot to create the sun, or the sunlight. How do we see and how would grasses grow since there would be nothing like photosynthesis? Similarly, imagine God forgot to create the eyes, nose, ears and whatever you lack. How would you survive or live without those vital organs of the body? How would you manage your life and would you ever survive? Do you think you or anybody would survive without those vital organs? Immediately you think no one would survive, by implication, it means you have simply suspended your brain.
Apart from the fact that God cannot be forgetful. In that light, it means, whatever you need but lack is either hidden or withdrawn awaiting mind engagement to source, generate or produce. How do I mean? Some people made it (not even survive) without the eyes, some without ears, some without hands, legs, and etc. Had God not created the sun and the sunlight, definitely, somehow and something else would have worked in place of the sun and sunlight. To drive this home, remember there was no rain in the beginning of creation? Yet, the grasses were watered. Therefore, whatever resources, gift, talent, and mineral resources you lack/lost can be gained and regained with the use and instrumentality of the mind. Your mind is the gold. Your mind is where the resources and treasures are locked up. Your mind is the greatest gift. Lucky you if you intercourse your mind with the mind of Christ. Mine the mind!

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