Ebonyi IGR Agent Petitions Umahi Over Alleged Termination Of Contract

By Esther Nworie

A revenue agent and Former Vice Chairman of Abakaliki local government area Mr. John Nwohoke has petitioned the State Governor, Engr. David Umahi over an alleged termination of his revenue agent contract by the SSA to the governor on local government and chieftaincy matters, Mr. Elekwachi Akpa.
A report which both Mr. Elekwachi Akpa and the La Konye Tech Ltd has vehemently denied describing it as false.
Mr. Nwohoke alleged that Mr. Akpa through his company La – Konye Tech Ltd directed the Board Revenue Service to terminate Dom Link Aluminum Ventures revenue contract at Ekeaba market/ Hausa quarters that the market belongs to Uburu people and only Uburu Company will work in the market.
The PDP chieftain who described Mr. Akpas’ action as an unfair justice explained that battle for who collects the revenue at Ekeaba had started since September 2019 and currently he Dom Link Aluminum Venture running a deficit of over N800,000.

According to him, his company Dom Link Aluminum ventures took over the market revenue collection in 2018/2019. Unfortunately, on August/September 2019, he was told that Elekwachi Apka has collected the market revenue with his company La Konye Tech Ltd without notifying him and when he approached Akpa, he told him that the market belongs to Uburu people, that was why he took over the market revenue, he therefore went home helplessly for peace to reign.
“Fortunately, on 1st March, 2020, the Abakaliki council Chairman Emma. Nwangele called me to make an application for my former revenue point at Ekeaba market Hausa quarters. That all market revenue are now under the local government authority, and I applied with my company Dom Link Aluminum ventures to the board revenue service as directed same 1st March, 2020.
“On 15th Apirl, the board of internal revenue services called me for an interview, the interview was successful because the board members asked themselves if any company is in charge of revenue collection at that market and the answer was no, they asked me to go and pay N250,000 that was bided, that was why my company contract agreement with the board read a fresh contract and the authority letter in which I was issued on 16th, April 2020.”
Mr. Nwohoke further explained that he had worked Apirl and May, 2020 with the board receipt on the 18 of may, 2020, he renewed his payment on may 22nd, 2020 but when he went to the board on may 27 to collect pass to transfer his bank teller to receipt, he was asked to check back on 1st June, hence his trouble started.
“I went to the board on 27th May, 2020 to collect pass to transfer my bank teller to receipt, she told me (Mrs Elekwa) to come back on 1st June, 2020 that our company has not defaulted but we have an issue. She could not attend to me until 1st June, then I returned the following day 2nd June, 2020 we went back and she was not on sit but the representative of La – Konye Tech Ltd was in the revenue board.”
“The board of internal revenue services led team Mr. Okoro C. and other board members took us i.e Dom Link Aluminum Ventures and La- Konye Tech Ltd to the board room and told us that Dom Link has not defaulted the agreement with the board but Hon. Elekwachi Akpa has ordered the revenue service board to terminate Dom Link Aluminum Ventures contract at the Ekeaba market/Hausa quarters that the market belongs to Uburu people and only Uburu company will work there. The market contract should be awarded to La Konye Tech Ltd, his company.”
The board team pleaded with us that Dom Link Aluminum Ventures are the rightful owners of the contract that we should bear with them that their hands are tied, but we rejected their action at the board room and walked away” . He said
Mr. Nwohoke appealed to the governor to use his good office and direct Mr. Akpa and La-Konye Tech Ltd to allow him carry on with his business pointing that he worked with the party PDP but currently is not in any appointment and was using the little gain from the revenue collection to survive the economic hardship in the country.
Contacted, on phone, Mr. Akpa denied stopping Dom Link Aluminum Ventures from carrying out its business.
He questioned if he ‘Akpa’ was the board who offered him a contract. He advised Mr. Nwohoke to report to the IGR board which gave him the contract if he is facing any problem and not to come to the media.
“My sister, he is in a wrong place, how can Government give him a contract and I will stop it, what power do I have? If they give him contract, he should go and execute his contract and leave me, I’m not a contractor like him, so why is he bringing me into it.”
If they gave him a contract, you are not the person that will help him to execute his contract, is it not correct. If they gave him a contract, he should go and execute it, if anybody is stopping him, he will go back to the people that gave him the contract or he use police to arrest the people and execute his contract. Why is he coming to the Citizens’ Advocate? Are you now executing contracts for people?”
“How can I direct for the termination of his job? I don’t know what you people are talking about he should give you more facts and tell you the truth. Is the market in Uburu? How can he say the market belongs to Uburu people even if it is in Uburu, is it Uburu people market?”, Apka said
The representative of La Konye Tech Ltd who gave his name as David said, “Please I have an office, if anybody wants to get anything from me, I think the person should come to my office. Point of correction, is Elekwachi the chairman, board of internal revenue who have the right to give contract to companies or not?
Please who is Elekwachi in question? I don’t know who is Elekwachi Akpa, the company handling the IGR at Ekeaba is La Konye Tech Ltd and my name is David so if anything like that happened I think you go and ask the board, the board is an IGR center nobody has right to give out contract expect the board.
And no one has right to terminate someone’s contract without the board”. He said.

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