Resurrection Pandemic Life – The Greatest Current Miracle In The World

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…Overcomes Coronavirus Pandemic Death Currently Ravaging Mankind World Over

By Msgr. PatrickMary Anene Mmuo

The pandemic or worldwide miracle of Resurrection was performed in the world by God through his Son, Jesus. By this miracle the invisible Almighty God came among mankind in visible form as a visible human person, his Son, Jesus. Jesus got punished and crucified by men; he got buried in a tomb in Jerusalem. But on the third day of his burial he woke up in the tomb alive again, and got out of the tomb and began to communicate with people again. This was how he worked the first miracle of Resurrection which surpasses every other miracle on earth, because it overcame death up to this day, and is available to every human being who believes in Jesus. By this miracle Jesus overcomes the Corona Virus pandemic war with the death it inflicts so cruelly, which Jesus ultimately turns into Resurrection!
Bringing the Resurrection to the Whole World
In order to accomplish his miracle worldwide, Jesus established a platform or community called the Church, from which he continues and spreads his Resurrection miracle to everybody who wants it personally. In a person the miracle begins with faith in Jesus at the ritual of Baptism in which the person declares his faith in Jesus and promises to live his type of life. The person is taught a series of doctrines containing many mysterious truths which he must believe and practice in his life.
First, even though the faithful does not see God by his natural eyes, he must believe in God who is only one, and the Creator of all visible and invisible things in creation. Then, he must believe in the miracles of incarnation and resurrection by which God became a human being, Jesus, and performed the resurrection, by the Power of his Spirit who is God himself. After showing example of good living in order to please God, Jesus got himself sacrificed to God in order to reconcile all men with God his Father, so that men can rise from death with him, and live with him and God, joyfully in the spiritual heavenly realm forever.
Overcoming the Corona Virus Pandemic War which Inflicts Death
Then, Jesus set up a community of mankind who must live as he lived when he lived in the world. This community is called the Church. The faithful members of the Church will join Jesus in the Resurrection when they die in the world now; and rise to life again at the end of the world to live forever. All these people will overcome the death inflicted by the Corona Virus pandemic war; or caused by other sicknesses, or the bombs and bullets and terrorism, or from the lies and wickedness of modern men, now ravaging the world like the Corona Virus.
Efforts of the Church and other Good People
Meanwhile, the members of the Church and other good people are performing many other miracles of charity, and are eagerly developing the world to be better as commanded by God at the creation of mankind in the garden of Eden: ‘Increase and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it, (rule and guide and develop it) cf. Gen. 3.1: ff. Finally all DEATH will be overcome in the new world of Resurrection and Life, peace and everlasting joy, with God and all his creation.
In itself, the Church is the greatest visible but unacknowledged miracle in the modern world. This is because the doctrines it teaches, as narrated above are beyond human scope of understanding, yet it has the largest number of religious members from every part of the world.
The Church is the only institution which has endured and overcome all kinds of persecution for 2020 years, and stil exists today. It has endured and survived waves of martyrdom of its members, has had the exile of its leaders, schisms within it, heretical opposition by its members, wars to conquer and eradicate it and exterminate its memory.
But in spite of these adversities the Church is the greatest deliverer of charitable social assistances to the poor and rich alike, in all types of need and difficulty all over the world. It has established innumerable and great educational institutions of all types – schools, universities, etc.; it has established innumerable health-providing and protecting institutions, asylums, Social Homes, etc.
No other institution in the world has provided such a number of great amenities for all mankind without discrimination. This is a miracle of Jesus Christ which he performs in the modern world through his Church.

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