What Happened To Our Humanity?

Has there ever been a time when doubts have been increasingly raised about the humanity of man? Then it is in our clime. Has there ever been a time when the dignity of man was gruesomely ripped off to its last vestiges? Then it is in our age. Everyday in our contemporary age, man goes against his nature, on a daily basis, man grows baser in his actions and becomes subhuman.
Thus, our age is generally categorized as an age of feelings, not just feeling but base feelings. This situation sends a thinking mind wondering if the modern man is included in the Shakespearean definition of man whence he said “what a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason. How infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world, the paragon of animals”.
One who has been following the abominable tales of the past few days would indeed question, what has happened to our humanity? Are these hearts walking the streets with hats labeled “human”, human at all?
Few days ago, news outlets draped with news of the gruesome murder of a black American by a Minneapolis cop, which sparked a persistently maddening protest throughout the major cities of the United states and a wide outcry through out the world, Nigerians were not left out in this outcry, venting out their anger on their keypads and angry posts on the social media. Fast forward to few days later, when the drumbeats of the black lives matter movement still hung high in the air, Nigerians were greeted with pathetic sight of 22 year old Uwaila Vera Omozuwa, a 100-Level microbiology student of UNIBEN, whose body was donned with so much virulence. She was allegedly raped and hit with a fire extinguisher by unknown men on Wednesday, 27th May, 2020, where she had gone to read at her usual venue, the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Edo province 10, Ikpoba Hill, Benin.
Not so long the news of a minor, a 12 year old girl in Jigawa, who was raped at different occasions by 11 men filtered in. These are of course few of the rape cases that made it to the public. For many more happen everyday behind the scenes and victim most times are the only ones privy to it till they die. This is obviously due to the stigma attached to victims of rape.
Rape of course has become a cankerworm that like a pandemic has continually ravaged the Nigerian society, not just the Nigerian society but the world at large, and severe consequences are constantly meted out to the culprits of such crimes. But despite the constant intensification of the punishments meted out to those guilty of the crime of rape, rape cases have continually surged without batting an eyelid especially in our country Nigeria. Reason being that most times those who are guilty of this crimes either vanish into the thin air with no adequate security intelligence to fish them out or some of them who have long legs and know those who could throw their weight around are set free, leaving the victim to mourn her loss.
A preponderance of those who are victims to rape are women in their different categories. Many arguments have been raised, the most stupid of them being that some women do not cover their body well or that they wear provocative dresses. The problem with this argument is that the victim is blamed and the villain excused. Even when the bible said that if your eyes should lead you into sin that you should pluck it out. The bible is stressing on self control, that the supposedly tempted should work on himself and not on the tempter.
Even though we advocate for a decent society, decency should not be one sided. What is sexually appealing in the body of a minor, to be molested by a 53 year old man? The excruciating trauma that rape injects into its victim is inexplicable and it is most often for a life time.
The danger of this maddening rise in rape cases is that man is reduced to a mere object that gratifies another, a thing to be used and dumped. This indeed is not a gender war, even though the truth remains that women are more susceptible to rape, but it is rather a call to go back to the drawing board and ask what has happened to our humanity, and rediscover how to be human again in case we have lost our humanity.

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