The Best Way To Win The Coronavirus (Covid–19) Pandemic War

For The Attention Of The World’s Scientists, Media Officers, Statesmen, Politicians, The UNO, Etc

By Msgr. PatrickMary Anene Mmuo
From the experience of all, the power of the Coronavirus Covid-19 is both material and mysterious. It kills men physically with death; and mysteriously without a visible army or any weapons of war. So far, no earthly power has been found to challenge and overcome it, and all men in the whole world are now uniting and struggling to fight and annihilate it. The world’s entire Scientists are hard at work to eradicate it, and the whole of the world’s Media are strenuously engaged in information to irradiate it with its horrors. The Statesmen and Politicians are all at work against the virus, but so far, no definite solution to the problem has been found.
In the approach to the solution of the Coronavirus problem, it must be noted and respected that as its action is two dimensional in nature, the approach to its eradication must have the same character in order to be genuinely and adequately effective and successful. This approach must be both physical and mystical or spiritual. Therefore the three great human soldiers in this operation, namely the Scientists, the Media Officers, and the Politicians and Statesmen, should include these characteristics in their approaches for genuine, comprehensive and long-lasting effects.
God never kills a human being, because it is God who created men to live forever with him. However, when men use the freedom he gave to all men, to run away from him who is their life and joy, they run into death through their own deeds, such as producing the Coronavirus Covid – 19; and the many other weapons of war and death, bombs, bombers and soldiers, which now fill the whole modern world. When this happens God still intervenes to save men by introducing some charitable men and means of salvation for all. The greatest of such men is Jesus of Nazareth who did miracles of healing and introduced Resurrection in human life and experience. By resurrection people who have suffered in the world and even died, will rise from death to live happily forever. Meanwhile, God uses Christians and other good people in the world, to work for him and relieve people from horrible onslaughts of evil such as the Coronavirus Pandemic War of the modern world. When the Virus is beaten death and suffering will get less. It is hoped that with this experience modern men would learn to return to God who loves them and is looking for them to return to him and live happily with him, until their natural time arrives for them to leave this world and come home to him in heaven. This is God’s position in our situation in the modern world of Coronavirus Covid–19 war.
For the human agents to defeat the Virus they must resemble the Virus in its style of unity, honesty, determination and indiscriminate operations. They must be people with truth, honesty, love and integrity of character.
The Scientists’ works depend on the fidelity of the material elements of creation, to the laws of nature, and the scientific laws and theories. Therefore the Scientist should be a healthy, intelligent and generous lover of mankind for the benefit of whom he dedicates his works. His mind and heart, the spiritual or unseen part of him from where he gets the resources and powers for his physical works, must be pure, free from the stuffy trends of hatred, dislike, antagonism against any member of the human species world over; in order to work with full physical and scientific vigor against the pandemic virus. This spirit should inform his brain and other body parts in the laboratory, in order that he would be able to work for the good of all mankind.
The indispensable importance of keeping the laws and rules guiding scientific experimentations should be strongly applied by the scientist, even in all matters of created beings, because of the experience he gets in his profession from the natural elements used in his works. Therefore, as a human being, in doing his research and works, the scientist should remember and respect the natural laws established by God in connection with human beings. He must respect the sanctity of human life, and avoid operations that could disrupt the essential human qualities of freedom, love and peace in the community, especially among the nations.
The spiritual virtues which the scientist needs for his works are obtained from God in the spiritual realm. Therefore the good scientist should be a person of prayer who bears God in mind and appeals to him in his works, especially when he encounters things that surpass his understanding; to ask for enlightenment for his intellect, energy and good health for his body; and patience, and humility in his work.
The media officers work on words through which all men keep alive and in communion with one another. Human communities get prepared either for useful and saving activity through words; or for hatred, separation and wars through the same thing called words. Media officers must always bear in mind the truth that the masses of people depend on their reports or information they give, for the reactions they make on the issues they report about, in state or community or any other matter. Therefore, if they give false, or inaccurate, or misleading reports, they would be responsible to God, who is the owner of Words and created the good world only through his Words; and also to men in various degrees, who are affected by the words the media officers use in their information. For giving defective information the media officer is responsible for the sorrows of the nation, and must be condemned and punished for it on both the visible and the spiritual levels, because of the nature of human beings whom they deceive and mislead. Words should save people and bring life, but false or bad words bring sorrow and death on men, like the words of Satan to Eve and Adam in the garden of Eden.
It is therefore necessary for the media officers to be people who keep contact with God through prayer, to ask for enlightenment and the courage always to give the truth, and to be able to resist the attractions of material or financial influences, and to overcome the fear of people and political institutions in giving information to the masses on the events they witness.
When the media and the scientists operate well, the scientists are well informed for correct research. They produce effective results and elements that would kill the killer – Coronavirus. They would rejoice with the rest of fellowmen over the annihilation of the Coronavirus Covid – 19 Pandemic, not only now but even for the next fifty years and beyond our generations.
The greatest Statesmen and Presidents are those who achieve peace and moderate welfare for their people. Every other things they do are subsidiary. Great men know and are satisfied with their people’s peace and moderate welfare. They do not go to war or enter into DANGEROUS OR DUBIOUS ALLIANCES AND TREATIES in order to provide peace and welfare. They are satisfied with the present situation, for which they thank God.
Modern politicians and statesmen need to recognize and adopt the fact of peace and moderate welfare as enough for the good of their people. This is most important for getting the genuine unity and sincerity of heart of the members of at the U. N. O. and other world Councils representing the modern nations. This is needed for facing the problem of the Coronavirus pandemic war, and the other current enemies now attacking mankind world over. The other enemies are the mortal arms and armaments spread all over the world like the Virus, especially in the Middle East and Mediterranean Regions; and the problem of the climate and environment.
The approach to the achievement of genuine unity of the nations of the modern world requires sincerity and love of truth in the hearts of national leaders. This needs the intervention of God in men’s minds and hearts. Therefore, the Politicians and Statesmen need to recognize this need, and seek it through prayer and other ways of appealing to God. This will invite God to open their hearts for love of all men without discrimination. God wants and provides for all men to be well and happy. If the politicians imitate God, the approach to the problem of the Coronavirus would be a united, powerful and unfailing effort. The Scientists, the Media Officers and all the Politicians and Statesmen, and all the Health Officers, will combine all their beneficent resources and efforts more effectively, until the deadly virus is totally annihilated.
A Final Action To Solve The Coronavirus Covid-19 Problem Of Attack With Death, Separation, And Hunger On The Whole Modern World
To kill off the killer-Coronavirus and mend the damages it has already done, all mankind in the world now, must Unite and Cooperate in Truth and Sincerity: The Scientists, the Media Officers, the Politicians and Statesmen, the Charitable Donors, the Representatives of God, united in the U.N.O., must all come to God, who is the origin of the life of man which the virus kills. All would get life and resources from God and exterminate the Coronavirus with the death it causes against God’s will. Senselessly and most disrespectfully disgracing human life without regard for the God-given human dignity, this lifeless virus without intellect, army or ammunitions, disgraces humanity and modern mankind, so far with impunity. God is life and the giver of all life. When men come to him, recognize him and ask him for life, he will give abundance of life in his love for HUMANITY and all modern men. Death caused by the Coronavirus will perish from the earth forever.
Without God, those who are trying to solve the Coronavirus problem will ultimately do a worse harm than the virus is doing, by continuing to kill more people than the virus kills, in the Middle East Region and in many other parts of the world, using horrible weapons with hatred and violence indefinitely.
Therefore, the U. N. O. should invite THE CHURCH OF GOD and other honest God-loving people, in its Council, to advice, and to appeal to God for light and strength to annihilate the Coronavirus and mend its damages on the modern world.

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