Only True Democracy Can End Insecurity in Nigeria- Chinedu Ogah

By Esther Nworie

Hon. Chinedu Ogah, a chieftain of APC and the member representing Ezza South/Ikwo federal constituency, Ebonyi state in the House of Representatives said only true democracy will end insurgency in Nigeria.
Ogah said if the masses are allowed to elect their leaders freely, insecurity will be a thing of the past in the country because the people can’t fight the leader they elected.
He however appealed to the masses to help security agents fight insecurity in the country by providing information as it is only those who live in a community that know the terrain and how to nab hoodlums terrorizing them.
He commended security operatives for their efforts to end insecurity in the country.
Speaking to news journalists in Abakaliki on the 2020 Democracy day celebration, , the lawmaker who is the only All Progressive Congress (APC) federal lawmaker from Ebonyi state maintained that every leader elected by the masses must be honoured by the people and know the needs of the people.
He described imposition of leaders on the masses as the major cause of insecurity in the country and called for an end to it.
He used the medium to applaud President Muhammadu Buhari for tolerating oppositions in the country and his developmental strides; stressing opposition was major ingredients of democracy.
According to the lawmaker, South East zone under the APC administration has witnessed more democratic dividends than any other government in the country.
Read his words, “As a democratic government, people should be allowed to elect their leaders. If the people elect their leaders, the insecurity people cry of will be a thing of the past. Every leader elected by the masses must be honored by the masses but when there is manipulation and you stay inside the hotel and elect a legislator and such a legislator is unable to reach his constituency, by the time he tries to impose himself on the people, resistance will come and insecurity will start. So, whether you are a Governor or a Councilor, you have seen that the breach of peace and order have been manipulated and problem will erupt and that is the major problem we are having in Nigeria called security problem.”
“There is a lot to celebrate, we are celebrating sustenance of democracy for 21 years, and we are celebrating taking power back to the grassroots to the masses, courtesy President Muhammadu Buhari.”
“We have lots to celebrate especially in this part of Nigeria. Now we can celebrate the 2nd Nigeria bridge, ongoing road construction in Enugu/ Onitsha, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Aba port Harcourt road and so many other things now, you can see a lot of dividends of democracy, first of its kind, the whole 360 legislators went to their consistencies to share palliatives, to make sure they assisted their constituents.”
“I commend all our security agents for what they are doing to make sure that they secure this nation but we still urge people to do what is needful, everything should not be left for the government alone, whether you are a town union president, local government chairman, it is your duty to provide security for the people, security agents are visitors and it’s you that knows the terrain of your place, knows way in which your place can be secured, so we need information, very good information that will help the security agents to perform their duties perfectly well because Mr. President have done well.”
“I want to commend our party, APC, our national chairman and other political parties that are opposing what Mr. President is doing, they have seen what democracy is, if it was then for them to oppose, they will like to lock them, jail them but now president Buhari always admit and agree for sure that is all about democracy and that shows that he is really a leader elected by Nigerians, so I commend him”, he stated.

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