Age and Position

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Age doesn’t make you the boss, but position makes you the boss, and position is the master of age. He who occupies a position even as a young boy is the master to an old man who is his servant.” Anonymous
When I thought about age and position, different thoughts ran through my mind, does age have anything to do with position in real life?
How can people cope with age and position? It bothers me still.
Age and position are two things that can work hand in hand and they can as well work on a two parallel lines that can never meet.
“Age is just a number” people say, though age is justa number, but not an ordinary number when influence is attached to it. It is a number that cannot be added to or subtracted from.
As soon as a news born baby is born, his/her age had began counting, starting from the day of birth.
Respect is often based on age, we tend to respect someone who is older than us, more than someone whom we are older than and those we are older than tend to respect us.
The degree of respect given to each person is determined by the age gap between the two people involved. We are likely to respect the aged ones more than those close to our age group
In the olden days, people used to count their age through the appearance of the moon and many of them who are still alive till this present moment don’t know their actual age, but they can count their age, by remembering the king that was when they were born and how many king(s) have ruled thereafter.
As time went on, civilization came to Africa, then to Nigeria which brought about so many things among which was calendar. This is a civilized means of counting days, remembering days, weeks, months and years.
The younger ones are said to be in jet age they are said to be learned, as they have more advantage than those born in the olden days.
Education is an integral part of human life, an educated person has a lot of knowledge in various field.
The aged ones who understood the value of education sends their children to school, while those who don’t value education dragged it in the mud and left their children uneducated.
These well trained children feed their parents who had empowered them with education.
It was learnt that when education was brought to Nigeria in the colonial era, some parents declined and refused to send their children to school, while the children as they grew refused to go to school, rather, they faced their farming business. But some still sent themselves to school as they grew.
Some aged ones sent their children to school, while some didn’t send theirs to school. (It is not that education will give them job, but it will prepare them for better opportunities as it come)
There are some elderly ones who didn’t value education and never had a skill in which they engage in, instead of them enjoying life while they are old, they will have to work their ass off to fend for themselves.
Some of them were farmers on another persons’ farmland, when the owner of the farmland came, he erected a building on it and then the farm is gone, thus rendering such person jobless and after old age had set in, they resort to doing menial job.
Oftentimes, those who didn’t value education work for the younger ones who have made it in life. These aged ones are those who neither had formal education nor train their children in school.
Sometimes, it is not because these people don’t value education, they do, but some do menial jobs that fetch them some small money at the moment, because of that, they dropped out of school or in a bid to make money quickly through crooked ways, they abandoned schooling while some left school to faced business.
As they grow, they see that what they were expecting was not what they saw, things began to change for worse, business began to go down, they rushed into another business, economy brought it down and before you knew what was happening, opportunities of a learned person began coming their ways to get a better job, but because they aren’t educated, they weren’t able to make use of it. They were filled with regrets.
In a bid to fend for themselves, they need to keep a job, even if it’s gateman, washman, wheelbarrow pusher; works that they wouldn’t do when they were younger, anything is ok for them.
“All are not born equal, so all fingers aren’t equals”
God created all fingers not equal, so he created men not all equal.
Anybody can occupy any position in life, tides can turn, while the rich can become poor, the poor can as well become rich, but rich people don’t think things can turn the other way round for them.
Even though, we should not dwell on the woes of these aged ones, there are some younger ones who are fortunate and favoured to be rich at a younger age, some of them employ these aged ones to work for them because they believe that they can’t steal their things or bring armed robbers into their homes, they trust them so much that they trust some of these younger ones that are just coming up in life. (Though there are exceptions)
Some of these younger ones maltreat and punish these aged ones working for them for offences that a small child should not be punished for. They treat them like they are nobody, sometimes; they are treated like thrash and disposed anytime they have no use of them again.
Why do they maltreat someone worthy to be their father’s age mate? They do so because power lies in their hands, they are the boss, even they are the younger one, their wealth has made them an elderly person to those people.
If you are fortunate to be rich and you have the opportunity to employ someone older than you, remember, that man is someone’s father and he deserves some respect. What you sow you shall reap. Therefore sow good and not evil. You cannot sow pineapple and expect to reap banana.
Treat them like they are your father, some of them never had the chance to be a better person, some did, but they blew it into thin air.

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