Before It Is Too Late

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It was the German Psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud who said that man is a seething cauldron of sexual instincts. Thus the whole of man is a continuous pulsation of libidinous instincts and nothing more. As limiting and denigrating this definition of man is, a closer look at our world today would make one question if Freud had not been right all along, about man being just a concatenation of sexual instincts. Apart from the event of coronavirus that has intruded into our lives, which we have come to live with, another evil is without mitigations setting its tent in our world.
Our news outlets are now rife with cases of rape sprouting up from every nook and cranny of the country. It is not that the issue of rape has never been in existence, but the problem is that at the moment it seemed.
Hardly a day passes now without cases of rape studding our paths. These are just the ones that managed to find their way into our media. What about the countless cases of rape that have not seen the daylight, and the ones we may never hear about and victims that would never talk about theirs?
Late last month, Nigerians were greeted by the pathetic sight of 22 year old Uwaila Vera Omozuwa, a 100-Level microbiology student of UNIBEN, whose body was donned with so much virulence. She was allegedly raped and hit with a fire extinguisher by unknown men on Wednesday, 27th May, 2020, where she had gone to read at her usual venue, the Redeemed Christian church of God, Edo province 10, Ikpoba Hill, Benin. She died a painful death.
After these many, rape cases have on a daily basis trickled in. Just last week in Ebonyi State, about three rape cases were recorded; a 35 year old man, was to be arraigned for raping a 19 year old SS3 student, a 14 year old was raped and a girl 15, was gang-raped by two boys.
Earlier before these, the social media had been awash with the news of a seminarian who opened up to being allegedly raped where he had gone for apostolic work. The most recent is the case of a three months baby being raped at Adogi village, in Nassarawa state.
In the past few weeks, the media had been flooded with several news of rape and cases where the assailants raped and killed their victims, probably for the fear that their victims might identify them.
In all of these, one is tempted to ask where our humanity has gone to, when did we descend so low to the level of gross savagery and bestiality? What could be sexually attractive in the body of a three months old baby? What! This is indeed satanic.
Rape is indeed devilish, not just because of the emotional and psychological trauma it causes the victims, but the fact that a fellow human being is so much trivialized like a thing, that his or her dignity is ripped off and is reduced to a mere object for gratifying orgies. Rape is indeed satanic, for it is the most subhuman act, hardly found among animals. It indeed requires urgent attention.
This is indeed not the time to say, “Girls dress well so as not to tempt the boys or men”, for even Muslim women, nuns in their hoods are being raped, even boys are raped too. Why we cannot deny the fact that women are most likely victims of rape, we cannot however forget the fact that rape is a terrible thing facing humanity, not just women.
So there is urgent need for the government to look into this matter, to contain this evil that is fast spreading like a wild harmattan fire. Its unmitigated spread indeed spells that the government is not doing enough to keep it in check. If possible, sex education should be introduced in the school curriculums; programmes should be held to enlighten young people and adults. For the way this rape culture is taking root we may be aliens to our bodies soonest. We need to act now, before it is too late.

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