Before You Learn That Skill

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There is a mistake people make when they want to learn a new skill. They check the profitability first before deciding what to learn. Hold on. Of course money is important. But there is no skill that is not profitable, otherwise why would people be doing it? Why would it cost you to learn any of the skills? Ever thought of that. Every skill is profitable. It all depends on how you plan and execute your plans. It depends on your passion, dedication and hardwork.
Recently, someone chatted me up and said she wants to learn Copywriting. “That’s great”, I said and asked when she wanted to start. I told her the basic things she needed to know before moving further. Next reply, she is asking how profitable it is. I told her it’s quite profitable but Babe didn’t budge. She wanted an elaborate explanation of how much she could be earning monthly when she learns the skill.
A couple of times I have had people who wished to volunteer at Unizik FM (the community radio of Nnamdi Azikiwe University) ask me how much they pay. Some of them when you tell them they give stipends and tell them the amount, they flare up. Just that? Hello, you don’t have a qualitfication in Mass Communication. You don’t have any previous knowledge of broadcasting. You are told it’s a volunteer work and you want to be paid?
Money is important but it’s not the most important thing you should consider when learning a skill. There are a couple of things which should take the front row in your choice of skill and how to apply it.
One is passion. It’s always better to learn a skill you have interest in, one you have a flair and passion for. For instance, I love words, I love writing. I have been writing since I was 8. Started reading for my Dad when I was 6. Writing is something I have a flair for. I’m good at it. So why not learn Copywriting as you have a background and interest in writing? I did when the opportunity presented itself. I Crete content for blogs and write articles for newspapers. Another instance, I love broadcasting. After the dreams of being a Medical Doctor died, I feel in love with broadcasting. I use to picture myself sitting in front of the camera, casting news and smiling at my unseen audience. Though that dream changed a bit, I do not want to be in front of camera. I prefer to be behind it. Create content for Presenters. Do Reporting, Write and Edit news. One of the reasons why I choose Unizik as my choice of institution is due to the Community Radio Station. We were about 35 that were choose after the audition in 2016, less than 10 people could keep up after 3 months, all thanks to passion. Learn a skill that falls within your area of interests.
Time comes after passion. Do you want to turn your skill into a full time or part time job? As a student who wishes to learn a skill for part time, it’s better to go for things you can do from the comfort of your room. Unless you want to turn it to a full time enterprise after graduation, don’t learn skills that will take you away from the place of your study for a long time. Your academics will suffer the consequences. There are many skills you can learn online. You should opt for them than the ones that require daily physical training. Unless you do not wish to practice this skill once you have an idea of what it entails.
In all they you must be willing to work hard and put in effort. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks. When I started Copywriting, I wrote some pretty bad copies. At one point I wanted to quit but didn’t. Learning a skill requires lots of time and trials. You have to keep practicing till you get it right. The road is rough, so buckle up and prepare yourself.
You should also try to create a balance between your part time job and other aspects of your life. When I started working at the Radio station it was difficult balancing it with academics. While students who live off campus were coming inside the school to read at night, I was leaving the studio. The semester I started, my results showed a decline. Somehow I found my way around it, create a balance. I planned myself better than before. I gotta better at my work at the Radio station, my grades were great too.
Like I said previously, every skill is profitable. It all depends on you. Your willingness to put in efforts is what counts. Truth is everyone of us is unique. Our stories are different, our backgrounds are differ. Two persons cannot do one thing the same exact way. Nope. There is a difference. There is uniqueness. So what you need to do is to go inside you and fetch the unique thing about you. Be natural. Be you. Don’t try to imitate another person when practicing a skill.
That there are hundred bakers in your city should not discourage you from learning Baking if you with to. You just have to add something extra to succeed. Find creative ways to design and ice your cake. Be ready and willing to explore.
There are many writers already so you are scared of taking up writing as a part time or full time job. Don’t be. You are different. Bring in your own style of creativity. Trust me your content will be unique and you won’t lack clients.
You want to learn to be a Masseuse. Do it. There a thousand and one of them already doesn’t count. How much they earn won’t be a problem if you are good at it. Add a touch of difference to yours. It could be offering home massage or putting in effort in designing your spa. It could be the way you treat your customers, how comfortable you make them feel. It could be the unique way you offer your services. Once you treat them differently and better, they will keep coming back.
Learning a skill you have no interest in is subjecting yourself to torture. You just won’t put in as much effort as you would if the burning passion was there. If it gets tough you might give up as there is no passion to fuel your quest. What’s more? You may not be happy either. Nothing beats being happy with what you do (whether full time or part time), talk about having fun while working. So go for passion first. Put in a lot of work. Learn it, master it, own it. Spice it up with creativity. Be the best of it!
Trust me, once you are good at a skill, everyone would want to work with you. More people, more bucks. You will earn big time and still be happy. It’s a win win.

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