A View Of The World At The Attack Of The Covid–19 Pandemic War, From Information Gathered From The Sacred Scriptures (1)

…God And The Angels In Heaven Before The World Was Created

By Msgr. PatrickMary Anene Mmuo

The information begins from the book of Revelations by the apostle John the Evangelist; cf. Rev. 12: 1 – 18.
Before the world was created God and the angels lived happily in the spiritual realm, with Lucifer being the Prince of the angels. Then, God made known his plan to create the world, with mankind as a creature of material things by whom he would gather all creatures unto himself by incarnating in man. This meant that man would be higher than Lucifer in creation because God himself would be in man. Lucifer rejected this proposal and thereby opponent God. Thus, he staged a rebellion in heaven with some of the angels, but the Archangel Michael opposed him with some other angels who stayed on God’s side. Lucifer, who has now become Satan or Devil, got defeated and thrown out of heaven with all his angels. They waited until the creation of the world to begin their revenge which would be haunches most vehemently at the time of incarnations of God in man. At the incarnation God would be born of a specially prepared perfect woman without any speck of sin or imperfection from her conception in her mother’s womb. This privilege would make her to be a worthy mother of God. Her Son would be named Jesus who is the Word of God.
God used only his Word to create the whole universe, cf. Gen. 1; 1 – 31. The Book of Genesis reveals how he did this. After creating everything by his Word, God fashioned ‘man’, Adam, from water and day, and then breathed his breath of life into the mold and it became ‘man’ and began to live as both matter and God’s spirit together. He was a special creature made to be for God himself alone. He had the spiritual characters of intellect and will like God. Thus, he could communicate with God who is the Head Spirit.
After creating Adam, God protected him by informing him of the danger of falling away from him which meant sinning, such as Satan had committed by going against God’s proposal. He informed Adam that one tree in the garden contained everything including ‘good’ and ‘evil’. The evil in it meant ‘Godlessness or death’ and if he ate of it he would lose the life of God in him and begin to die, because this was an evil act. God had prepared this garden for Adam’s comfort and happiness which would stay indefinitely.
After the creation of Adam and his wife, Eve whom he made from Adam’s own body, Satan took opportunity to use lies and deceive Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, and Eve in turn gave it to Adam who also ate it. Satan meant to get them to join him in his own domain of opposition to God. They desired and aimed to grow greater and be as of gods according to Satan’s information. Satan told them that they would not die as God had informed them! They ate the Forbidden Fruit and immediately realized that God’s word was the Truth. They had died by losing God’s spirit and life and friendship. Satan had succeeded to take them to his own domain of death and hell and pain and suffering.
At the creation of man, God showed the primary of right education in human life. Education is the training of the Mind or Intellect through information, so that the Body could be used to act according to God’s will for man’s success in his works on earth. For this reason God began to train Adam’s mind immediately through education by the information he gave him saying to him, ‘Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it, cf. Gen. 1: 28. That meant, ‘Begin family life and procreation of offspring. Spread throughout the earth and subdue the earth and master all the divine things in it while feeding on all the vegetation and trees.’
Also, when Satan came to take over mankind from God, he began by giving Adam and Eve education, but which was bad and deceptive in order to lead men to sin so that they may depart from God to follow him. Subsequently, God revealed to man by education, the dangers that he could encounter in his life. There was the Tree of the knowledge of ‘good’ ‘and ‘bad’, the fruit of which man must not eat, because he must incur death if he ate it, cf. Gen. 2: 16.
Thus, from the beginning God had instilled in mankind the preference and enjoyment of good through love; and the desire to love back the lover, as a natural characteristic. Deviating from this basic or natural springboard man would commit sin and thereby damage his human nature by losing the spirit of love which God stamped in him to become a man. This meant death for man. By sin man’s Soul would lose life and God’s friendship, and his Body would die and rot in the earth. This was what happened to Adam and Eve when they ate the forbidden fruit; and what happens to all mankind now when anybody sins, departing from God!!
God had created Adam with his offspring to be perpetually alive and happy. Therefore, when he saw that Adam and Eve had sinned and fallen into death, he decided to create a new world. His Son, Jesus, was to be sent to the world as a man among men, to redeem humanity and all mankind from sins and death; to reconcile God and men, and begin a new generation of humanity. A new’ Woman’, Mary, was to be specially prepared to be the Mother of this Son of God to bring God to men in the world. At the appointed time, Mary bore. Jesus, the Incarnate Son of God, in Israel as had been prophesied long ago. This is the mystery of the Incarnation of God in Man.
John, in the Book of Revelation, narrates that when Jesus was born, Satan tried to drown him and his mother in a Giver of bad water. But God intervened by allowing the earth to absorb the water while the mother was taken to a desert asylum; and the Son took refuge in his Father’s custody to wait until the war with Satan would begin in the world.
Jesus was born by Mary at night his the porn man town of Bethlehem in Judah, about 2020 years ago, At his birth, the ruling king of Israel, sought to kill him because he saw him as a future rival monarch-who would take over his kingdom’ This had set up the situation pronounced by God to Satan in the Garden of Eden, between the Son of the ‘Woman’ whom John in the Book of Revelation said was waiting at his Father’s side for the beginning of the war ; and Satan who was also waiting for this time, now symbolized in Herod. This, the war on earth, between Jesus and Satan had now begun and the whole old world of Adams origin is now mixing up with the first man of the new world of Gods people in Jesus. The war had thus begun to end with the annihilation or vanquishing of either from this earth. Jesus and his faithful elect, the Church, would strike at the head of Satan to crush it to annihilation, and Satan and his soldiers, the unfaithful world, would be striking at the heel of Jesus until the last day of this world, cf. Gen. 3:15.
Thus, from the birth of Jesus in the world, the old world with Adam as father got mixed with the new creation with Jesus as Father and Head. The family of Jesus is built up of children born through the ritual of Faith and Baptism in his Church which is open to all mankind who freely believe in Jesus and live in imitation of him. The way of life of the members of Adam’s race is directly opposed to the way of life of the family of Jesus, and this is the composition of the peoples of the world today.
The way of life or the moral behavior of the family of Jesus is difficult for men to practice because it is of spiritual and heavenly origin, but men’s origins are earthly but bound towards heaven, while having been corrupted and weakened through the sin of Adam. Therefore men must look up heavenward with Jesus, while working on earth below. Adam had looked only downward to Satan and the Fruit in the Garden, and had lost the life and joy of heaven. Jesus on earth looks up to his Father in heaven from whom he came and to whom he is to return with his elect to bring them up with him into his Father’s everlasting Kingdom of Joy which was destined for them from the beginning.

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