Second Letter From Raymond Ezeonu To Patrickmary Mmuo

Rev. Fr. Raymond Ezeonu was my very intimate associate at the beginning of our vocation to the priesthood. We wrote many letters to each other in connection with our call to the priestly life. Most of the letters were lost during the Nigerian-Biafran War. His Second letter is related below.
Mary Knoll Sec. Sch., Okuku, Ogoja. 1964.
Dearest in Christ Jesus,
Your departure from Abakaliki had and still has many heart-sickening effects on me. In fact, I cannot express in words how I felt your presence with me. It always seemed as if I was with an angel of God. But I think we can still continue our brotherly comradeship through letter writing. But oh! Who else on earth can give me sufficient spiritual food and encouragement which my soul is in dire need of. Who else can possess such a wonderful spiritual understanding that can so easily satisfy my ambitious quest for spiritual advancement! Dear Patty, you were everything to me when you were at Abakaliki but you knew it not. But let us continue with our religious and spiritual ambitions and keep helping each other with prayers and good advice through letter writing. Meanwhile my dad is prepared to train me now in higher school. What of studies? I hope you are studying very hard for your final exam. I wish you all good luck. I hope you are attending morning Mass as usual. Please, don’t fail to do so. Always try and go. Pray hard for me. Pray hard for millions of souls who do not enjoy at all the spiritual sweet food which we have been tasting. Remember that we all shall be judged by the same God. Pray hard that we shall one day work together, not as laymen but as clergymen, hunting desperately for souls who do not know or heed the words and ways of the Most High God, in fact, if I had enough space I would fill ten pages. But a word is always okay for a while. I shall say more when I write next. You know that Benjamin Williams, that boy who would have gone to the seminary is now there at GTC. Try to consult him and urge him not to be careless about his vocation. May God ever bless you. Pray that my parents may change, by God’s Power.
Yours in Christ,
Raymond Ezeonu.

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