Umuhuali Elders Re-Invigorates Covenant for Peace And Unity

By Edeh Nwigwe

The entire elders of Umuhuali Community, comprising, Umuhu Ezza on the 9th June 2020, converged at the sacred unity ground at “UKWU NGWU” to re-invigorate the already established peace and unity among the two brothers, Umuhu as ‘father’ and Ezza as son by the ancestors of the land.
The ceremony which took place at the sacred Ukwu Ngwu holy land, was attended by the elders of Umuhuali and Ezza Umuhuali, to solicit and appease the ancestors to solicit for continued peace in the community among the citizenry both at home and abroad or in diaspora.
In the process, two representatives of the elders, Chief Elder Michael Alu (Ezeneme) and elder Joseph Ugulor Nwankwo given the spiritual mandate to put hands in one dish and squeeze the cleansing leaves and prayer for peace before pouring the contents on the land for the goodness, wellbeing, long life, peace and prosperity among the land and its citizenry worldwide while only those who foment trouble and cause disunity and think/plot evil in the community were cursed in the process.
The elders also noted and declared that every action has its repercussion which would either come sooner or later and charged all to always think and maintain peace and unity which they said have been the bane of their oath since they inhabited the land from the days of their forefathers and their children to date.
The area, Ukwu-Ngwu has been respected for its sacredness / holiness as evil men would not step on the ground and those qualified to be there would be on bare feet and only the truth and nothing but the truth of every issue / matter concerning the community would be decided as any wrong statements, or discrimination, sabotage against any person or community etc would boomerang on such uncaring member of the community.
Briefing the reporter after the ceremony the chairman of the entire elders’ council, Chief Elder Michael Alu (Ezeneme), said the elders went to the sacred land to bless and curse he/she / those who would contravene the peace initiative and unity among the citizenry.
He emphasized that Umuhu and Ezza have been in peace ever since and would remain same forever and as they do no shed blood.
Chief Michael Alu also confirmed that diabolic persons do not go to the holy land and that anybody that would instigate war among Umuhu and Ezza should remain under curse forever.
He thanked the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Umahi for his peace initiative in the state which he noted has made Ebonyi State the most peaceful state in the country.
In his own briefing at the venue, the 2nd elder, Elder Joseph Usulor Nwankwo thanked the people of Umuhuali for the understanding which has brought about peace and unity despite all odds.
He confirmed the peace and unity among the community and said that any person who goes against the ethics of peace shall never see peace in life since it was overwhelmingly passed by the elders.
In his contribution, a stakeholder, Chief Emma Nnaji expressed happiness that the relationship between Umuhu and Ezzas in the area was not by physical combat but by peaceful resolution and so should not experience any unusual situation at any time.
In his own, Chief Peter Nwokpo warned against policizing the peace arrangement in the community and appealed to all to abide by the rules of the game.
Also, the Chairman of Ezza Umuhuali Elders Council, Elder Ako Nwafor said that the oath taken by the ancestors was binding on fathers, sons, grand and great grand children of the land, adding that everybody should advice their erring children to abide by the terms of the oath by keeping the peace or be handed over to the security agents and that nobody should use the case in the area as money making venture.
Highlight of the ceremony was the unanimous request and appeal to the government authorities and security agencies to release the corpses of their slain children to bury and a call for all aggrieved persons to bury their hatchet and end the case for the continued peace in the community.
The elders also blessed Chief Monday Okeh, the CEO / MD Monabliss Hotel Suits, Abakaliki, for his peaceful and unity role since the crisis in the area as he, Chief Monday Okeh has been solidly behind every peace arrangements and negotiation to the logical conclusion.

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