Why Every Girl Should Work

Few days ago I was chatting with my friend who is currently in Law school. She was my roommate while in school. I know her boyfriend, a hardworking young man. A man who is ready to settle down for marriage. But my friend is delaying for almost two years now. What is the problem? She wants to start working before settling down for marriage. She does not want a situation where she cannot afford to do the things she want, buy the clothes and other stuffs she fancies, eat the food she desire, because her husband cannot afford it, or even if he can choose not to fund it. She does not want a situation where her dream wedding wouldn’t come into fulfillment because she has to settle for what her husband can afford. She doesn’t want to have to run to her man for everything, literally everything: clothes, shoe, bags, cream, perfumes, even panties. My friend has a valid point.
Away from that, I came back to Abakaliki last year to news of marriage up and down, young girls who should be in school, the ones who should learn a trade, the ones who should be working on getting a life. I was sad. Some didn’t hold a proper wedding, most aren’t even married, they just got pregnant and started living with the man. Well, whatever rocks your boat honey.
However there is something beautiful about a woman who has something doing. It comes with a lot of benefit. I have seen women today who are in a bad relationship because they don’t have money. They don’t work so they cannot leave, how will they survive, who will feed and cloth them. I have seen men treat their wives like trash because “yeah, she can’t leave me. I own and feed her”. Having a work and contributing to the family as a woman comes with respect. Aside the respect, the average Nigerian family cannot survive today without both parents working to put food on the table. It may seem all rosy and sweet in the beginning until children start coming and growing up. Their demands increasing; feeding, clothing, school fees, amongst others including emergencies.
Don’t mind men who tells you that he will take care of you. Okay, he probably meant it then. But when children start coming and the responsibilities increase, will he still be able to take care of you like he use to? I will leave you to answer that. But trust me he will become irritated when you have to ask for everything.
Aside the above, I believe someone who sits his or her ass everyday at home and waits for his provider will not know the value of money. Women are always making demands of men. Start dating a young girl today, the next day she is asking you to throw her a birthday bash. When you can’t afford it or when you put in your best, she won’t appreciate it. She will definitely leave you in search of one who can fulfill her needs. Why? Because she does not know the value of money. Someone who doesn’t work how will the person know the hours of work you put into getting the money you spent on her in one day?
I have a friend whom his girlfriend left him because he didn’t give her the 20k she needed on time. As at that time, he earns 40k a month. Unfortunately he wasn’t paid salary on time that month and couldn’t give the girl the money when she needed it. What did I say about people who don’t work not knowing the value of money? I hate it when young girls make excessive demands of their boyfriends. I don’t even agree that a girl should be making demands finanacially simply because they are dating. If you aren’t so lazy you should be working, school is not an excuse. If your father can’t afford to provide for all your wants, why should you stress the life of a young man? Some young girls don’t even appreciate the effort a man puts into providing their wants; the 10 thousand Naira hairstyle, the Gucci bags and shoes, the expensive human hair. “He is my boyfriend so he should be providing” No honey, you are just too lazy to get a job. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about taking care of your woman. It just shouldn’t be a task. It should be from the heart and the woman will appreciate better if she understands the sacrifice. Well,let’sdoapracticalanalysis. My friend whom I mentioned above earns 40k a month and gives his girlfriend 20k, what it means is that he worked for 15 days just for her. You get my point now? yeah. The girl wouldn’t appreciate this if she does not work. If she has never worked. She wouldn’t understand the time and days you went for work just for her. Anyway it’s what the society taught them. It’s what we are trying to reteach. I believe if we encourage our girls to work hard, they will appreciate better gifts from the other gender.
Lastly, for someone who worked and bought a need with her money, she will handle it well. The phone I use currently I bought it myself, yes you heard me. I bought it myself. I know how I saved to buy it. I know what I denied myself. So I try to handle it with care. I have worked for years now and I know the value of money. I never take gifts for granted. I never take favours for granted. Why? Because I have been there, I’m still here. I understand the cost of doing that favour or buying that gift. So I appreciate it.
Dear young girl, find a work, learn a trade, learn a skill. Don’t just grow up, get married, give birth, grow old and die. You have a life. You have dreams, live them, fulfill them. Don’t let those childhood dreams and goals to die off.
Marriage is not the end goal. It’s a beautiful thing. Get married and give birth to children but don’t end your life with it.
And when someone goes out of his way to do the tiniest thing, appreciate it. Help your spouse, support your family. Find a work!

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