Lawmaker Speaks on Death of Brother Says: ‘He Was Not in An Affair with Culprit’s Wife’

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By Okereke Wilson Ogbonnaya and Nwogha Ndubuisi Andy

The lawmaker representing Ebonyi North West Constituency in Ebonyi State House of Assembly (EBHA), Hon. Victor Aleke whose only brother, Mr. Samuel Aleke was allegedly killed by a couple has on behalf of the bereaved family given his version of the incident against the earlier report published in Citizens’ Advocate Newspaper Volume 16, No 26.

To the best of my knowledge, prior to 23rd May, 2020, my brother, late Samuel Aleke, a teacher working with Ojiegbe Community Secondary School in Ebonyi LGA before his demise traveled home to assist with his friend’s burial arrangement.
At the early hour of 23rd May 2020, I, Hon Victor also visited my father’s compound where I met the old man discussing with Mr. Samuel and having seen that their interaction bordered on our family, I joined them and thereafter I went back to my house.
Late Samuel, on his part left for where he was living but surprisingly came to my house around 4:30pm of the same day to collect his car key which he forgot inside one of my vehicles.
During this period, I was having a good time with some of my friends and upon his arrival, I told him to join us by taking at least a bottle of drink but he rejected the offer for the reason being that he was in a haste to attend choir rehearsal in our church, we then parted in hope of meeting again the following morning during Sunday service.
Around 1:00am of the following morning being Sunday 24th May 2020, my sister in- law being Mrs. Samuel in a trembling voice called and complained that her husband had not returned while his phone numbers were not reachable.
Since there was nothing one could do at that odd hour, I tried to pacify her anxiety by telling her that my brother would return safely. After the phone conversation, I became apprehensive and began to contemplate whether he had been nabbed by any of the security agencies or kidnapped by miscreants.
As soon as it was dawn, I, alongside other relatives and friends visited all the police stations within the urban area and different units of the Police Headquarters in search of him.
When we could not find him, we changed strategy by visiting hotels and guest houses in search of his car, we even went as far away as Nwezenyi Junction but all to no avail.
When I could not comprehend the situation of things any longer, I consulted a Catholic faithful that has divine gift, Brother Steve who told me that he had spiritually seen Mr. Samuel’s car been driven by someone else.
Shortly, I engaged the services of phone trackers in the hope that the people behind his disappearance would be trailed but while the process was going on, I received another call stating that the victim’s car had been found by the road side along Abakaliki/Afikpo Road and immediately I left for the place only to discover my brother’s lifeless body inside his car booth.
After I had confirmed Mr Samuel’s corpse, I invited police whom after taking some snap shots took the body to FETHA 2 where it was certified dead medically.
Though, Mr. Samuel’s phone was switched off by his assailants but the tracking process indicated that his handset was lying close another phone belonging to Mr. Shadrack Nwibo.
When it was revealed to me, initially, I doubted because the man is not only my co-club member but also our family friend who had received gift of tubers of yam from my father during some of his visits in our home.
The accused person is the same man whose wedding preparation was done in my house and thereafter I introduced him to my in-law through whom he was given an architectural work.
It was after the tracking had been established beyond reasonable doubt that the two accused persons were arrested 14 days later and in their separate interrogation, they admitted to the crime.
In the suspects’ interrogations, Mrs. Olamma Nwibo who denied being in extra-marital relationship with the deceased disclosed that she was influenced diabolically into the dastardly act.
Before the sorrowful day, the husband and wife had jointly gone to International Market and bought a poisonous substance before they invited their prey through separate phone calls and Mr. Shadrack upon sighting the victim went into hiding leaving the house for his wife and the visitor.
Mr. Samuel who did not have premonition of the plot went into the house where he was offered a poisoned bottle of mineral and immediately after he had gulped the evil drink, he became incapacitated following the rumble in his stomach which he began to experience and the woman having seen that she had succeeded in weakening the man, she signaled her husband who barged into the place with iron rod and began to hit Mr Samuel intermittently on his head until he died.
If the accused person could claim that he caught my brother stark naked with his wife in their matrimonial bed, why was Samuel’s corpse dressed with boxer and underwear, singlet and jeans trousers, in short, Mr Shadrack has not told the world the truth.
The accused woman in her pretentious attitude went and consoled Mrs Samuel after the incident while Mr Shadrack did not show any concern until he was arrested.
If my brother had offended him, he should have reported to me, my sister or other family member rather than killing him without considering his wife and children.
Late Samuel was an engineer who opted to teaching professionals due to lack of job in the society.

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