Rev. Fr. Ogodo Celebrates 5 Years of Priesthood

…Plans Pet Projects

By Esther Nworie

Director, Alpha Citizens’ Advocate and the Editor-in-Chief, Citizens’ Advocate newspaper, Rev. Fr. Ifeanyi Henry Ogodo, Saturday July 5th celebrated his five years of service in God’s vineyard as a priest.
Fr. Ogodo, the Ikwo born Rev Fr, used the priestly ordination anniversary to unveil his pet project tagged, SAVE OUR TOMORROW, which according to him, would be used to give back to the society which helped him to actualize his dream.
The pet project is aimed at giving education to intelligent indigent students who cannot attend secondary school and university.
The five years anniversary ceremony, took place at St. Theresa Cathedral with holy mass and it was celebrated under strict observance of Covid-19 NCDC protocol.
Speaking at the event, the Cathedral Administrator, Monsignor Alphonsus Iweke, prayed God to always guide the founder and team of SOT to enable them bring out the needy in the rural areas and uplift their educational pursuit for better development of the society.
In his remarks, the celebrant, Rev. Fr. Ogodo Ifeanyi and the founder, Save Our Tomorrow (SOT) noted that the idea of his pet project started while he was still in the seminary but could not materialize because of financial constraints and other human exigencies hence he decided to share the idea with others.
His words, “the dream began as far as my 3rd year in philosophy in the seminary. You may be intelligent but if you don’t have the resources to develop it, you are as poor and as dull as every other person in the society who didn’t go to school.
“When we go to the rural areas there are many intelligent persons many after First School Leaving Certificate, they will not graduate to secondary school let alone university and lack of proper guidance and sponsorship contributes to that.
“I have been trying for more than three years to think on how to do it but I have a constraint and I am still labouring on that burden.
“For today, it is not all about my anniversary per say, I am here to thank God but I would have done that privately but it is all about time to give back to the society that helped me to become a priest. That society ranges from my teachers to those I am still under, learning on how to live this challenging life. And that is why I decided to say let’s help those who are intelligent but didn’t have the opportunity we had.
“We shall go around fishing out the talented ones and giving them at least secondary education so that they can continue and if they can’t continue maybe one day they may meet fortune and decide to help since they were helped at some point in their lives. This will help to increase our level of education.
On his part, the Chairman of Save Our Tomorrow, Rev. Fr. Dr. Inyanwachi explained that the team wants to build a new generation that can defend what they say in the society.
Inyanwachi said, “going to school doesn’t make you educated but going to school offers you opportunities that education has to offer, and many people in the rural areas do not have that opportunity and what we tend to do is to look for such people, give them that opportunity and allow them to discover the face of life.
“Our vision is to capture what we always say, people talk about it every day, the future belongs to the young people. So we want to raise an army of intelligent, well educated Nigerians who will significantly contribute to the eradication of drop out of school or lack of access to quality education. Deeper than this vision, we want to raise an army of people who can think critically and defend what they say.
“SOT can’t do it alone, you have to help us start this message before we go to the rural areas. We don’t know where the project will lead us to.”
Prof Chuks Edogu, chairman of the event noted that Rev Fr. Ogodo was blessed with superior human intelligence.
He prayed God to continue to sustain him in his vineyard and urged the society to pray for him and other priests as according to him, priests also face temptation in their duties.

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