A View Of The World At The Attack Of The Covid–19 Pandemic War, From Information Gathered From The Sacred Scriptures (3)

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…God And The Angels In Heaven Before The World Was Created

By Msgr. PatrickMary Anene Mmuo

By the periods 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 the scramble for possession and control of lands and property and power in Europe; and for political and Economic supremacy, led to the largest destructive and widespread wars in the known and accessible parts of the world. These were called World Wars.
During these wars God was not respected in the campaigns. Later God got totally rejected as an adorable being, and members of the Church who worshipped God got persecuted by many nations. Many people world over began to practice or encourage behaviors that are directly forbidden by God’s laws, such as the murder of the human species at some conditions of their development, such as in the womb. They began to propagate a human unnatural practice of men ‘marrying’ fellow men, and women ‘marrying’ fellow women. The respect and control of the use of God’s great gift of sexuality and fertility for propagation of offspring and family life got rejected and disgraced. In moral life God had been set aside and human principles had takeover in many nations and communities.
By the year 2019, men had developed weapons and weaponry called bullets and bombs, which on explosion killed all the surrounding living things and destroyed all valuable property. These had begun to be widely used at local and international wars, to destroy or demolish built-up towns and cities together with their populace. Some of the bombs would emit poisonous gasses to kill such lives that escaped the iron shrapnel. These bombs were used by men in various ways on land and sea and air, in the endless strain of wars that have continued all over the world, turning the world into the beginning of hell, especially in some regions of the world such as the Middle East, Egypt and the Mediterranean Regions. Mankind had at up a pandemic warfare all over the world. This was a sign of direct denial of existence of God, or a rejection of God and his way of life given for mankind to follow. All this was caused by man’s inordinate desire and rush for material riches and pleasures.
In December, 2019, in the midst of the sorrows wrought by the Arsenal Weapons Pandemic Wars, China with atheistic vigor in the effort to master the world and possess all the material and human treasures and resources worldwide, developed the hitherto unknown agent, ‘Coronavirus’ called COVID – 19. This evil agent is not visible to the ordinary human eyes. It has no intellect like men, it has no army or arsenal and weaponry, but it began to kill human beings very quickly once it gets in contact with men. It migrates very quickly from one man to another and quickly gets very many people dead. It immediately launched a war on all mankind throughout the world, passing from one person to another, without any recognition or respect for the dignity of human life; or of any human institution of age or rank, or nationality or race or religion or any social or political affiliations. It treats all mankind equally with illness and ultimate death, unless it is promptly and quickly checked. The Coronavirus has launched a pandemic war with prompt death on all mankind throughout the world. Meanwhile, the United Nations Organization, U.N.O; has called on all mankind and nations to unite in the universal war against this virus which surpasses the strength or strategy of any single nation alone to defeat. The nations have actually united in answer to this call.
It should be noted that the pandemic or worldwide calamities which had killed very great masses of mankind world over, had been caused by men’s withdrawal from God through sins. These sins had been committed because of inordinate choice and pursuit of material riches and pleasures instead of God and his directives for right living, by representatives of mankind. The first was the case of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; the second was the case of the Great Flood at Noah’s era, the third were the First and Second World Wars, the fourth were the Arsenal bombs Pandemic ‘World Wars One and Two’; and now the fifth, the ‘Coronavirus’ Covid – 19 Pandemic World War launched by an unintelligent unarmed deadly agent from China.
In this situation, the powerful, loving intervention of God, is surely needed to save men from this crisis. In the Garden of Eden God ultimately sent a Savior to redeem mankind; he sent Noah and his family to continue the existence of humanity. Now that the whole world is threatened again by such a powerful and unique enemy from beyond human understanding, it is certain that if men humbly return to him and ask for his salvation, he would grant it in his unlimited love for humanity and all mankind. God would grant men the light of Scientific Knowledge and the Human Charity and Honest Sincerity and Physical Strength needed to overcome the Virus and its power and also restore the damages it has inflicted on the men of this era of world history. All mankind would hereafter willingly follow his will and directives IN THEIR BUISINESSES, IN THE ECONOMY, AND IN POLITICS, IN THE FUTURE WORLD AFFAIRS.
The U.N.O. represents the whole world body of mankind, before men and before God. At this incidence of pandemic calamity and disaster in the whole world, it is the U.N.O. that should lead the procession of appeal to God for the salvation of the world and all mankind. The U.N.O. should ensure that every part of humanity and every member of mankind on earth now, Body and Spirit, is represented at this appeal. Therefore all the world’s communal or political entities (Councils), together with all the Spiritual Bodies (that is the Church that is One and UNIVERSAL or Catholic, and the other organized and constituted religious bodies), must be in this delegation and function. The U.N.O. should organize this function appropriately, while prayers and other social activities and arrangements should be done in support of this unique and efficacious united world action. Very much appreciation and thanks are hereby offered to the U.N.0. for all the saving interventions in the many calamities afflicting the modern world. May God bless and keep them fit and happy in this work.

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