NUT, Pupils Embark On Prayer To End Covid-19 In Ebonyi

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By Esther Nworie

Ebonyi state wing of Nigeria Union of Teachers and pupils of primary school on Thursday embarked on prayers for God’s intervention to end the Coronavirus pandemic in the state and Nigeria in general.
The prayer took place at NUT house in Abakaliki with teachers from the 13 council areas of the State and the some selected pupils.

The union particularly prayed for the quick recovery of the State Governor, Engr. David Umahi, and for safe school resumption devoid of any causality.
A Catholic clergy, Rev. Fr Cyprian Agha Ewa who led the prayers urged teachers to forgive the shortcomings of the States and Federal in the welfare of the teachers and intercede for them.
The priest said, “If you want to intercede, you must forgive our govt, our leaders. If you forgive, God will take over, there is power in forgiveness, so we should forgive and be friends of the people we are interceding for.
Fr. Agha emphasized that the pandemic is from pit of hell and not from God and he prayed for God to restore the health system of Nigeria.
“Let us ask God to extend his healing hands on the No 1 citizens of the State and others infected by this disease, that they may receive complete healing. That God protect teachers and students from the ravaging effects of Covid-19.”
In a remark, NUT state Chairman, Comrd Egwu Francis Elechi commended the teachers to remain hopeful as govt conclude plans to reopen school.
“last week there was a stakeholders meeting on school resumption and they asked we teachers to make our input and our input was that Covid-19 has come to live with us just like other diseases like HIV/Aids and that we can’t hold our hands forever but we have to support school resumption and we gave conditions that the school have to be made very safe for the children, teachers and other staff of the school system. Based on that, the Commissioner for Education has to set committee on safe school resumption and I the state chairman is the chairman of that committee. We are still working very hard.”
“I want to assure all of us here that as teachers, we don’t enjoy sitting down and folding our hands and be receiving salaries No! we want the school to resume but Let school be safe for us, for the children and the entire society because once the children are infected, the teachers are infected, they reintegrate into the society and the entire society will be infected, that is why we insist on making the school safe for everybody, after all, we are aware the school is not an island.”
“We have what we called the school and the society, the implication being that the school doesn’t exist in isolation, without the society, that is about our position in school resumption.
And whatever Federal Government say, we abide by it in the state.
He said, the prayer is a spiritual food, that is why they can’t be tired of prayer and “I know God has answered us.
“We gathered to actually thank God for the quick recovery of our Governor and we are happy he is recovering.”
It is a Thanksgiving prayer to thank God for the Governor and his quick recovery”.
Representative of the national, Comrd. David Elom and secretary of the union in the state commended them for embarking on the prayer, pointing that the virus is dangerous as the rich can no longer save themselves with money.
He thanked God for protecting all the teachers despite the increasing number of Covid-19 in Ebonyi State.

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