And Then There Was You

As a child I use to wonder what went on in people’s mind. What was she thinking? What was he thinking? As I got older, I still wondered…about something a little different. I started wondering what people thought about me. I wanted everyone to love me. I tried to be a “good person”. I let things that hurt me slide because I didn’t want not to be loved. I did things I didn’t want to because I wanted friends to like me. Somehow I lost myself along the line. It was like being someone else, trying to please everyone, wearing a camouflage.

My life got better as I grew and become more exposed. Trust me, growth is beautiful. I learnt that you can’t please everyone, that we all are different,  that it’s okay to have a different opinion, that a man who sees 6 from the one side will call it 9, and another who sees it from the other side will call it 6, yet both are correct.

The problem is that, most times we want to compare ourselves with others. She has this and I don’t. He does this and I can’t do it. We compare the wins. We compare even the failures. We are happy when others fail. That, my dear is not life. The sooner you understand that life is not a competition, the better for you. Live at your own pace and be yourself, the world will adjust.

When I say “be yourself the world will adjust”, I’m not asking you to be a toxic person. If there are flaws you have as a human, you need to work on them. Stop telling people that “I’m-sorry-this-is-me” line. That is really pathetic. You have anger issues and scream at any slightest provocation, work on it. Don’t always say “you know I have high temper” honey that’s dumb. Work on your anger management. I used to be like that, get provoked about the smallest things. But I learnt, I learnt to restrain myself. Whenever someone does something I try to take a deep breath, and tell myself that it’s not worth it. It’s not worth me screaming. It’s not worth my peace of mind. Most importantly I smile, I smile and imagine that smile spread through my heart. I’m not perfect now, but I rarely get angry.

When I say be you I mean be original. Don’t try to please everyone. Trust me, you won’t, no matter how hard you try. Just do the needful. Do what you are supposed to. Treat others right. Some people are always rude and ready to shout at another person. It’s not proper. There is one book I read that taught me a lot. “13 reasons why by Jay Asher”, taught me that your action to someone might be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. You don’t know the battles other people are fighting. The least you can do is to be kind and polite always.

Another problem that most people face is lack of self confidence. I don’t have a pretty face. I don’t have a banging body. I’m not intelligent. I’m not smart. I can’t do this. No honey, you can. As a matter of fact you can do anything you set your heart to. It’s not about the unavailability of resources. I used to complain, a lot, of how imperfect my life was. Maybe your life is not perfect the way you want it. Why don’t you fix it then? Why don’t you quit complaining and start from your little corner, start with the few resources you have. Don’t belittle yourself. That’s the beginning of your failure. Be positive. Say you can and put in efforts into actually “canning the can”.

You are beautiful. You are strong. You are unstoppable. You are limitless. Believe in yourself. Keep your head above water. Fight the current. Don’t settle for less. You are you. You are a light and the world is waiting for you to happen.

Stay happy. God created everything and then…moulded you specially, differently to be no one else but you.

There was everything and then there was you!

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