Help! Triplets, Mother in ‘Prison’

By Esther Nworie

A mother of six, Nnenna Edeani from Ndiechi Onuebonyi in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State is appealing for help from the government and good spirited individuals to enable her offset her hospital bills and take care of her newborn triplets.

Mrs. Edeani who earlier had three kids, was delivered of triplets on Tuesday morning 21st July, 2020 at Onuebonyi Health Center in Izzi Local Government Area.

She was delivered of two girls and one boy but due to her inability to pay her hospital bills, she has not been able to reunite with her family.

Speaking with Citizens’ Advocate, Nnenna Edeani said she never planned to have three children at one birth but since it is the will of God, she has no option.

She lamented that life is too difficult to her and she doesn’t have any source of livelihood, rather she depends on her husband.

She appealed to the public to come to her aide so that the joy of having the babies will be complete. She made her passionate appeal in Izzi language.

She said, “I gave birth to triplets on Tuesday morning, I have three children before now, please those that have capability to help me should come to my aide because I am not working and my husband is just a church catechist”.

The husband, Emmanuel Lawal Nkwuda explained that his daily struggle as a farmer can’t sustain his family and appealed for help from the public.

“We had our wedding in 2012, this is our fourth issue that resulted into triplets. We have three children before this, then this fourth pregnancy turned out to be 3 plus the previous 3 children we have before making them six children and the way things are right now I’m helpless, I can’t take care of this children with what I earn.”

“My thought was that this her fourth pregnancy is going to be the last, I never knew it would be triplets.”

“It is blessing from God it is not too much but I need to take care of them because I don’t have anything doing to earn a living, I am just a farmer and things are very hard for me. I struggle on daily basis but what I get can’t sustain me and the six children.”

“I am afraid of the hospital bill because I don’t have even a dime here. I don’t even have N1000 at hand now as I talk to you, I’m helpless and confused”, he lamented.

A nurse at the health center, Mbam Uzoamaka also lent her voice to the couple’s appeal.

She said, “Since Tuesday they have not even made any payment nor provide the disposables that they are supposed to come with during child labour.”

“Their condition is worrisome, so if anyone can help them to pay their bills, I will be happy. We don’t delay patient in this hospital but now, they can’t go home because they have not paid any money, government should come to their aid and help them.”

Anyone who wishes to assist the couple should contact Rev. Fr. Oluwa of St. Gabriel Catholic Church Onuebonyi on 08093691500.

OIC, (Officer in charge of the health care centre) Mrs. Modester Ali while speaking to Citizens’ Advocate explained that the health care centre was keeping the Mrs. Nnenna Edeani and the triplets in the hospital to attract help from philanthropists because it will be difficult to access help from the public when discharged to the rural area where they live.

She said because of the basic health care scheme in the State, the delivery was free.

Mrs. Ali said, “That we are holding here is not because of the hospital bill, it’s for the philanthropists to come and help them. For now, the 171 primary health care facilities in Ebonyi State are under basic health care scheme and that basic health care scheme’s services are done free of charge which delivery is one of it.”

“The delivery o f the triplets is free, we are not going to take delivery charges on them, but because we are in the local areas, we need people to help us, the woman has to eat, the children have to feed, that is why we are still holding them because if we discharge them, people may find it difficult to locate them in their rural area where they live.”

“The government now made delivery free, kudos to the government and the primary health care agency, God did it, it was a smooth delivery but we need people to assist the family towards their needs, the milk, baby diapers, baby wears and what the mother will eat.”

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